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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of October 1, 2012


October 5, 2012

MAGGIE GRADUATES!!! She is the 8th person to do so!

  1. Name one of Michael Jackson’s siblings

  2. This academy award winning actress who played Rose in the movie Titanic is 37 today. Name her.

  3. Bristol Palin is still a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  What are her parent’s names?

  4. A reunion for this show was nixed because two of it’s co-stars, Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson said no. What show?

  5. A cast member of Star Trek:The Next Generation says that that show actually came up with the Ipad idea in 1992.  How many Star Trek television series were there?  

October 4, 2012

Rose tries to graduate

  1. Christina Aguliera and Cee Lo are taking a break from the next season of what show?

  2. The last season of Jersey Shore starts tonight.  Besides Snooki and Jwow…name another cast member.

  3. This actress who shot to fame in starring in Aerosmith videos and the movie Clueless, turns 36 today.  Who is she?

  4. Vegas and Elementary are this year’s most watched NEW shows.  What network do they air on?

  5. “SKyfall”…the new James Bond movie is coming out soon.  What was the last James Bond movie called?  

October 3, 2012

Lucy is ready to win

  1. The Number one show in America is Sunday Night Football.  Who sings the Opening theme song?

  2. The First Presidential Debate airs tonight.  Where is Mitt Romney from? A) Salt Lake City B) Sioux Falls C) Detroit

  3. Seann William Scott is having a birthday today.  He’s best known for playing the jerk with the hot mom in the American Pie movies.  What’s his nickname in those movies?

  4. Neve Campbell is 39 today.  She starred in the Scream movies.  What was her characters’ name?

  5. If I was to say my favorite comic actor was Cornelius Crane Chase, who would I be talking about?


October 2, 2012

Rebecca tries to beat Tammy, or is she the Terminator?

  1. Who’s the ex-champion boxer who appears in BOTH Hangover movies?

  2. In his new book, Arnold Schwazenegger claims he had trouble pronouncing his famous line “I’ll be back” and wanted it changed.  In what movie did he say that line?

  3. Oprah Winfrey was the highest paid woman in entertainment last year.  Who was #2?  A) Brittney Spears B) Ellen or C) Taylor Swift  

  4. Speaking of Taylor…she says this singer is “presumptuous” for thinking the song “Dear John” is about him.  

  5. Kelly Ripa is having a birthday today.  In addition to co-hosting live With Regis and Kelly, she also co-starred in a sitcom from 2003 to 2006.  What was it called?

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