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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of September 17, 2012



September 21, 2012

Amanda says she can beat Tammy, does she?


  1. Bill Murray is having a Birthday today. Name one movie he’s been in.  

  2.  Larry Hagman is also having a birthday, He plays J.R. on Dallas.  What’s JR’s last name?

  3. Where does the current season of Survivor take place? A) Nicaragua B) Fiji C) Phillipines  

  4. The farewell season of The Office started this week- which character is known for his yellow mustard shirts and residing on his family's beet farm?  

  5.  Elizabeth Shue is in the new horror movie “House at the End of the Street.  A lot of people forget she was nominated for an Academy Award.  For what movie?


September 20, 2012

Jessica TIES Tammy

  1. Khloe Kardashian may be the new host of the XFactor.  What sport does her hubby Lamar Odom play?

  2.  Lindsay Lohan in trouble again.  Name one of the Disney remakes Lindssy starred in.  

  3. Actress Kristen Johnston is having a birthday today.  She was in the 90’s sitcom “Third Rock from The Sun” What is the 3rd rock from the sun?

  4. Last season on The Voice, CeeLo had a white cat with him - what animal does he hang with this season?  

  5.  Johnny Depp is back for another Pirates movie…what is his middle name? A) Christopher B) William C) Thomas  


September 19, 2012

Nicole tries to graduate


  1. This country pop singer who has made a living writing songs about breaking up with boys is EASILLY the most followed country artist on Twitter.  Who is she?

  2. Who are the 3 new judges joining Randy on American Idol?  

  3.  Ryan Reynolds is a newlywed to Blake Lively, what TV show gave Blake her big break?  

  4. Actor Jeremy Irons is having a birthday today…he  was in the Lion King, playing the evil brother who killed the Mufasaa’s father.  What was his name?

  5.  The Blue Ray of the classic Raiders of The Lost Arc has finally been released.  What was the name of the sequel to Raiders of the Lost Arc?

September 17, 2012

Grace gets none of the questions correct, too hard today?

  1. A Kim Kardashian costume is a big deal this year for Halloween – it comes with the foam body part that she is best know for? What body part?

  2. Kimberly Williams is having a birthday today.  I wonder what her husband is gonna get her.  Who is he?

  3. Katy Perry’s ex-husband recently gave a homeless man water and clothes…and then took him back to his house for a bath and some food.  Who is Katy’s ex?

  4. This past Saturday was the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  How many seasons have there been? 34, 36, or 38?  

  5. Carrie Underwood says she doesn’t “Google” herself because she hates it when the press makes up stuff about her. Google is the #1 used search engine. What is #2?

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