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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of September 10, 2012



September 14, 2012

John lost the bet so he does Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge against Kim!



September 13, 2012

Amanda TIES Tammy

  1. The “National Enquirer” claims that O.J. Simpson is writing Khloe Kardashian into his will because he believes he is her real dad. What professional sport did O.J. play?

  2. Finding Nemo 3D comes out tomorrow…word is, that the next Disney 3D re-release will be the movie about the family of Superhero’s.  What’s that called?

  3. Gwyneth Paltrow has been named the World’s Best Dressed Woman…what rock band in her husband the frontman for?

  4. Anna Paquin just had twins. What was the name of her character in the 3 “X-Men” films she did?

  5. Tonight’s football game between the Packers and the Bears is footballs oldest rivalry. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers does the “discount double check” in a television commercial for what insurance company?

September 12, 2012

Monica TIES Tammy

  1. Jessica Simpson continues her tough fight with losing the weight she gained while pregnant. What weight loss company is she signed up to endorse when she loses the weight?

  2. This actress/singer and Dancing With the Stars Dancer claims her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest has helped her gain 20 pounds since they’ve been together.  Who is she?

  3. The Emmy’s are this weekend.  How many times did Steve Carrell win for his work on “The Office”?  A)2 B)1 C)0

  4. The lead singer of Sugarland is having a Birthday today.  What’s her full name?

  5. Tom Hanks got his start starring on a sitcom in the 80’s called “Bosom Buddies” where he and another guy dressed in drag to live in a women’s only apartment complex.  The other guy is having a birthday today.  What’s his name?

September 11, 2012

Laura takes on Tammy - and what does the Keebler Elf have to do with 50 Shades of Grey?!

  1. Christina Aguliera returned to The Voice last night.  What classic show is credited for not only giving her her start, but also Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake?

  2. Who wrote the hugely popular book “Shades of Grey”?  A) E.L. James B) E.L. Fudge or C) E.L. Johnson

  3. The Emmy’s are this weekend.  This star of the TV show Murder She Wrote was nominated 18 times and NEVER won.  What’s her name?

  4. What hot young Hollywood actress plays heroine Katniss in the film “Hunger Games?”

  5. Rob Reiner said that Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech was embarrassing. Rob played the son-in-law of Archie Bunker on “All in The Family”…what was his insulting nickname?  



September 10, 2012

Julie gets all 5 correct!  Does she win?

  1. This famous actor/director said his speech to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention was completely improvised.  Name him.  

  2. Director Guy Ritchie is 44 today…making him 10 years younger than his ex wife…who happens to be an iconic singer.  Who is she?

  3. This actor…who won an Oscar for the movie “Scent of a Woman” is said to be attached to a movie where he’ll play the late Penn State Football coach Joe Paterno.  

  4. Ryan Reynolds supposedly got married over to the weekend to actress Blake Lively.  This is his second marriage to an actress.  Who was his first wife?

  5. Who’s real name is Thomas Mapother IV?  

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