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I was born John Flintoni, son of John and Bonnie Flintoni, grandson of Benjamin and Madeline Ginnini and Guisseppi and Maguerite Flintoni. We lived in suburban Chicago. My father was raised with a strict work ethic and tried to instill the same traits in his children. He did a great job. My older sister is a judge in Minnesota. My younger sister is the Vice President of Sales for a major radio company in New York. I'm a D.J. Sorry Dad. My report cards always said, "John does not work up to his potential" or "John has trouble concentrating in class." Those comments today gets a kid on prescription medication. I just got grounded a lot.

In high school I did the sports thing...did the theatre thing...did the stay home on Friday night thing. I listened to a lot of music...some good, most not.

I started college an aspiring law enforcement major. That lasted a semester. Business major--2 semesters. A friend of mine told me he was going to try and get a job at our school's radio station. I didn't even know we had a station and had always wanted to see what a radio station looked like, so I tagged along. That was it. I was destined to work every weekend, holiday and overnight for the next 2 years. But I knew I finally found a place I belonged.

I met an awesome, super-hot woman in college who decided, of all things, to marry me. I have two spectacular daughters that stop my heart multiple times every day.

I love food. I love really good red wine. I love the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bruce Springsteen. I love the Minnesota Twins,(Sorry) Minnesota Gopher Hockey, (Again, sorry) and the Chicago Bears. (I am really, truly sorry. Please don't hate me)

I also loved living and raising my children in South Central Wisconsin, and now San Diego! I love working with Tammy Lee. I really love my job. Thank you for letting me do what I do.

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