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Sunday, September 25th


Prairie Sky on KSON's Bluegrass Special

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The best of two days bluegrass music the bluegrass special with Wayne rice. I'm Wayne rice every Sunday night I've played the best in bluegrass music. And what's what we feature. Some live bluegrass in studio that's the case tonight we've got one of our great local bands here in studio they are gathered around the key is a win microphone right now. As we present the San Diego bluegrass society life. They're going to be performing this coming Tuesday night at the Boll weevil and we get a little preview. Right now so let's open up the Mike can turn them loose here is prairie sky on kiss away. Well and out of home on the others who are going to hear Jerusalem alone. And so the more you can imagine this I'm alone. Can't in his own mom. He injured his low moan. Thank god has had a ring and MS those muscles that any country can have his own my own. It's as easy as it's hand in his thumb on. And every thing is gene's name in Jerusalem home. Can't Jerusalem alone. In Jerusalem home and god as a and that's those muscles that frequent hand Jerusalem loan. And boom hypocrites and he Jerusalem alone you don't watch adding bonus on you'd of being this alone in my own. In Jerusalem alone. He entered as well Malone. Thank god and a unanimous vote muscles that he's in Jerusalem home. This preacher is in my time and he in Jerusalem alone. And that's the way through the promise and he's risen an amount. He's in his Colombo. Alone are taking in Jerusalem own. Dog heaven and earning him as Obama's files that read do you notice though moan. Do you Jerusalem alone. He's in Jerusalem alone. Gaga and entering and him as well muscles that period in two bruising. Okay. Then. He. On to SO ends bluegrass special. A cappella from prairie skies start things off here's we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives. And now they're going to be pouring this coming Tuesday night at the Boll weevil. And they also play instruments so he wanted to do simple enough. With they would be estimates right now okay. Prairie sky girth like instant. Number. At county and yeah. There. An open. He may is calling. I've not done. They're paying him. Yeah. It's funny. And oh yeah. Yeah. That's opponent and the mom and mom and and you come up its end. And please. Yeah that's. That's. It's got a lot on how. And does mom. Know ninety. We know that I can do. They have yeah. Yeah it can how good the book is don't know. I'm. Hungry. I would have come in yeah. Yeah let's see it's. Got. Yeah. It's pay yeah. It and then. And we'll roll. In the past and thank you. Yeah. This is locate us when bluegrass special I'm Wayne rice and we have live in studio tonight. Prairies guy and I mentioned earlier they're going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night at the bull we Abel welcome back decay is suing you guys that ran. Quite step over there in front of the migrant do you know get I'm here there you are. So. We got Dwight warden who's playing the base that tonight and he's been involved with the San Diego bluegrass society for a long time also been involved with the international bluegrass music association. And day here tonight as the bass player with prairie sky hello this group been together like. We've been playing together about five years in the bigger things like about it we can happen again about five years. Now while you're sounding great and it's good to have you was to I want to introduce. Everybody so that. Listeners will know just to all OK okay first Ramona all were super excited to have her in the day and she's fabulous singer songwriter. A lot of background music and Ramona come up thing. Ramona it's great to have you here. Avery else men as our multi instrumentalists he's playing him Hanlon at the moment but he also plays a mean fiddle and he actually plays the banjo for a few tunes. And I think he can play the broomstick he and and he runs the Julian family fiddle camp and he does what kind of things Avery to a sale. Your play. Pay Avery. You know will will talk about the a fiddle case appeared a little bit okay is that they're really cool I was in Julian last Sunday. For the Julian bluegrass festival Anders a lot of cool music events that happened in Julian and day you're involved with one of social talk about that. Yeah great last but not least Jeff Smith is our lead male singer and our lead guitar player and Jeff comes from long background in rock and roll music. Relatively recently converted to bluegrass but. We think he's got one of the best bluegrass voices in San Diego super excited to have him in the game Jeff come up and squeak out of them. If there. We can Griffey how to TJ I think at the. Well it's great to have you back your guy you're going to be a performing. This Tuesday and that's at 8 PM at the Boll weevil and everybody's invited come on out and dig it yourself good seat. And does so you wanna sit up close and and watch them as well as listen to them tonight we're gonna get a preview with our ears that come on out Tuesday night and you can. Google the whole. The whole ball game so. It definitely would be. Happy to see everybody there good food do yeah they do not only 330 Claremont traceable cars there you go right halfway between. The fifteen and 805 iron right at theaters again Claremont Mays and left the room. We go all right let's play some more music guys prairie sky. Yet doesn't talk much organized feature a song called soldier for the moment. I am yeah. Okay. I served my time. And then didn't. I'm an old. Me down thing. So it's. And they. Lungs iron. Yeah it is not there. Earning. Is. I'm here only. Smooth move. Yeah being. Yeah. Anything. Yeah. Mean man learned yeah. I'm not the games. It's. Here. Lean. Okay well me. Here. My. Land Marines. And that's. Yeah and so. He's. Coleman's name. Oh man. Yeah ring try. And where. Again. It's. An on demand. On the nuts. Anger. Me. I name. And. Seeing. You. Alone here. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm the only thing. You know man. So. Thing. I'm curious Owens bluegrass special. Prairie sky they are live in studio tonight gathered around you'll Kia so when microphone as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives. Jeff that was a great song or to get that one. That is. It Hughes. To accuse Jennings continental the country government yeah Maria likes and country elements are very good. But two great song. So. Prairie sky view you know when people ask what kind of music do you play what are you usually says what is the what is he answered that question consent which I. We say we play modern bluegrass acoustic music. We'd to collect picks. We don't have a banjo except when Avery. Occasionally plays that that will do everything from a traditional song like Bill Monroe sitting alone in them lied to something off senator. And one of things we like to do this takes them classic rock and roll tunes and welcome and bluegrass. Fashion. Prairie skies are special guests that tonight as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives so you know. What's great is that as the blue grass label really has expanded a little later tonight on the show I'm I'm gonna play some of the nominees for the IB MA awards. That are going to be handed out this week. And one of the nominees for song of the year is sip from the new album by X year hall and it's an album to just features the mandolin and the pace at all. And siren singing and it's kind of amazing that it would be nominated for. Song of the year in bluegrass so blue grass is kind of expanding its. Borders a little bit too we've got prairie sky and studio watch play another song ports. Are we're gonna do one for anybody who lived through the sixties might recognize this it's not a blue grass on that we don't end up in our bluegrass version will tell you afterward. A. Anything. Plus I. It's there. Oh god here. Some. Show me. A big blow. Okay not saying it's our time to. We. Yeah I. OK okay. Now in my eyes yeah. That thing. Sharon. I. Yeah. Sing so okay. It's gone it's okay. Yeah I do. You know. Who's gonna win. Dog owners. Did. Yeah and K as the winds bluegrass special we got prairie sky in studio. They're doing an old song written by its luster lateral Scruggs in the fog blue and physical address special I'm Wayne rice though we're going to be back with more from prairie sky coming up right after this. Two hours of great bluegrass music the blue. Blue grass especially with the winning run just fine KS so let. You can't loan they're and I saw an extra edge out the window as did. Jobs in May. Then he found about it how it's no I'm Margie. Then I'm. But in which is John. Any minute ride yeah pain and as a dinner that evening and it had me anger doesn't physically. They love his name. And news. Yeah. Back in Wichita alone. Well yeah. Tomorrow. It was just. And guess who wins bluegrass special we are listening to prairie skies and they're alive and studio. Tonight you know when I was a kid I used to think the radios work as it was. Little tiny people inside the radio. And then the last I got a little older I I didn't believe that but I I did bully you know I drive by. When I was a kid there was it was KAC wise up in ox cart and I used to listened licences. You know Elvis and the coasters and and Frankie Avalon and all in but we drive by that studio and I used to think those artists were actually in there you know singing I didn't know. I still sometimes don't know how radios work. But. But tonight we acts they really are here and we've got to prairies guy in studio around the KS when microphone. That's what's what are the fun things that we get to do here on the blue grass special is set radio back about 5060 years and and do it the way the old you know the bluegrass bands like the Stanley Brothers and Flatt and Scruggs and the Whitney used to do it back in the field what are you mentioned Casey Casey was that was like an ordinary interview that John and to move be in the all Asher absolutely. But yet Jim stack and Dick Moreland and I mean double the DJs were on TC line and I was it was my dream to be a dissed Whitman I am done I. As stock if I get to play bluegrass on Sunday nights I'm Wayne rice. Every week we have blue grass on the radio 10 o'clock until midnight raid after Rick Jackson's country classics. And we got prairie skies studio they will be. At the Boll weevil restaurant 9330 karma mesa boulevard this coming Tuesday night starting around 8 o'clock. Will be an opening act usually it's. You know bands that just chill up sign up to come at the featured band. Is each week featured here on the Gregory each month we get to have him here in studio. As a little preview what which you can hear in just a lot of fun I really appreciate you guys coming in tonight. And two on two and another to enforce. Sure guys are ever gonna bring Jeff thought this thing still drivers tuned. Called. East Kentucky don't. Those whom I lagged. Those who haven't. Yeah. Land now they're. Do you plan. Right in the yeah you know yeah. We'll make up. I think then. Okay. Anderson. Prairies guy here on K as the winds bluegrass special in the song. From the steel drivers and Chris Stapleton souls old band. We're having a good time here pop another song from Butler sky herald regrets and I think. Testimony that you had Della may song okay forest. I gave Knight and in. From the end but it. You need. And we're okay and. Big. And this. Yeah my. Team. And you. As the day he. Time and it's. Vietnam. June. And being sued. Saying. And I thank you. And home. Man. Some news. I Andrew. Lady. Okay. And and I mean he does it die way. And yeah. Me. And time. And time. Sun. You. Do love. I used. I and then needs and in. I'm hanging. There are good and no time weighing in the when I gave. Me down. I'm. Did I. I know. Then a man. And game he. Nine. I. Oh yeah. Some. Yeah. Alone. Zoom. He needs. Done. Mean done. End. To the and. A. Yeah prairie sky featuring the lead locals there of Ramona vault. Nice as a really pretty song portage fortitude finance on. And on from element that it was in the eighth player I don't know it. Don't LeMay was abandoned appeared to. Couple years three years ago I think or to cement at debts summer grass the big bluegrass festival out investor. We've got prairie sky in studio tonight. They're gathered around the KS ON microphone as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives we do this. Once a month on the Sunday before the featured bands kind of blue grass society which is at the bully able. That's this coming Tuesday night 25. Of September I can't believe that it's almost the end of September. At that time fly but. The September club meeting and that is open to the pub everybody can come you don't have to be. Card carrying member of the San Diego bluegrass society. If he'd like to come out here are some bluegrass music. Or some prairie sky music bluegrass Americana full country you name it. And they do a great job and they're going to be playing this Tuesday night there's no additional charge things get started usually around 7 o'clock with the opening. The end so you get to hear. Some of San Diego's finest and then prairie sky will be performing now. You're playing this Tuesday at the a bluegrass society. Get together which is always on the fourth Tuesday. But no where else can people come up to your per respect do you have other. We have you want to during regular gig every first Sunday of the month we planned urban solves the restaurant on thirtieth street just below university for their bluegrass brunch from ten to two. What kind of food is fantastic and we've been doing that for a long time and it's great and so Pete and here's their regularly. Other good attitude miss we use like summer Grassley play the remote bluegrass festival by that's the only regular. Yeah. Libraries libraries out. It just seems like a lot of the bands outplayed in libraries and that viewers minds we are going to be in the powerhouse that film noir and November's. Something. That. Cool or what wanted to do another song for us here and and Avery wanna talk to you just little bit about that little camp that that you're doing okay. Prayer stem. Maybe Johnson Bob. They didn't need to Italy and in mind. Accidentally and added. That's truly. Event they Baghdad and never. Oh Kentucky back home that's. Smoothly and that. And and I. We're. Maybe. Okay. Okay you win. She and I. Will live and and me together. Left and me that's the way it added. That's. She went back did broken. Know that again after a wave bag. And me. Then you. Hey good. Okay. Yeah. And doing. Mom and. He's up by this month mom you know up to there and I'll do. Love that Don let's go to. He and then hand I'm okay back there. That's doing. Okay. Yeah. His back end of the day utilities I have to hear me. And down. Did you leave them that well. The only. Let we. Look I'm an online game. There you go on KSO ends bluegrass special that's. The weight of the fact that. A great song from prairie sky the aaron's studio tonight as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives. Well thanks guys for coming then it's been great it's a great way to. They've got an album they've got an album that's out and it can be had by going to their website I know and that's. Prairie sky a band right right prairie sky band dot com or it's available on CD gave the I think iTunes and other places we. If that's great and then Avery you're involved with the F family fiddle camp and that's going to be in Julien. April 11 through fifteenth. At the camp cedar Glen it's a great place for people come out and learn how to play music can enjoy some great music instruction from some real pros. Yeah thanks for the dimension. Do you this is the sixth year the junior and the field camp and both called for the campus really more a matter of whole style of music where a lot of improvisation. We have Molly Tuttle is going to be them. Teaching flat picked carry guitar and some locals John Maher Lander hometown guy it was really great progress that there. Coming in to handle some and immediately intermediate advanced film classes. A Matthew Hart who is a two time national fiddle champ. Texas little chips can be teaching Texas weighing in Texas definitely. Joseph Walsh is coming to teach. Two G wolves moans coming to teach him mentally and and customs. Several other really great pickers them. The kid by the name of Avery Merritt is a great chance Hitler. We'll sort of goes on and on if it can actually expanded it to through to include some reef secret believe it or not. Though ukulele players that went completely over the ukulele physically Nationale. Touring people. So it's going to be a real interest in camp and it's going to be this. Seven years so it should be a real blast. Sounds very cool about family fiddle camp dot com. And prairie sky band dot com about one more song performed Richard. Right here Kansas do you girl's mom. Called comprehensive road that moon shining it's an important part of the bluegrass tradition. And won't again. And the father yeah. It on. Yeah yeah. Had moon. Grandly. Mind. Go ahead and. And now. It was a. Yeah and. And down ever had moon. Yeah. This. I don't. Now father Manning cover it removed. I came in Putnam. Did you. Cameron had rules. Blue grass especially with the way rights.