Pet Peeves From Your Significant Other

Tuesday, September 12th


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It is your biggest pet peeves about your spouse. Or your partner. And the phones are scratched the. But yeah. It's us. A 619570. Number one that 973. Gonna get a bit uncomfortable Bruce's staff and chef Bradley just a moment and gave us Noah has not just having a pet peeve about your spouse it's do you exceed them in the pet peeve do you confront. Beginning healthy relationship that's what you have to do you kick. It helps Bobble up earlier you know we're gonna go crazy or not only do I confront I recorded for all. Of course you do REIT I have a new pet peeve to discuss it you. Heard or that's always a real need sound thrilled about this conversation and that you're recording your personal life. Thank you for that. Busy football. It's the first week's death but the man hasn't won please just beginning I've got my boys back. Well it has completed you're told you're earning couple weeks ago you're always watching football and that's what my pet peeves honey is what we'll. Now it's always. Always. Or never we never tell Powell to. You always watch football no I don't. So I didn't. See he in this room while I really don't have played so little bit about the percolate a little then added I rock. Work fulltime job work five days a week to watch the kids give you bastards get kids haircuts are not. Always watching football. I duly noted. Your 99% of the what he spoke up not even close seeing her. He breaks his daddy always watching football. Yeah well. Clinton at 80 million calls on that out 619570. Number one at 973 your biggest pet peeve. About your significant other about you Serena. Florida to Germany. And OK let me get mad at me because I leave without. Saying goodbye or economic. Oh nice all right it. For our guy because that's my sister's pet peeve with her husband saying no we say hello all we can tell always gigabyte Wi kiss goodbye. I know I says that the OPD. You an iPad hit by a five minute they are left up like a moment but at least animal is an accident happened after. True my husband feels and if I get home is that you didn't kiss me about this morning if I don't do it you know even if he's sleeping you know exactly right because what happens god forbid the rates than my grandmother of the intimacy of emigre emergency next time all god willing I thought it. A he wants that comforts him again that the room volume on biggest pet peeve about your spouse or partner. Where other what you that would right the nail on the head I'm might have been very annoyed when I only say what. And maybe just like you fight off and he why did you not understand. You know what I tried that line before the end not well received its. That way. I might be our hearings back even illegal have my hearing checked because I was party Jerry. I not. I tell you he mumbled he mumbled. Mumble them. Boy some of these amazing you while back in the bedroom Villa right let's go get her ears checked. I am bass lake yesterday though putting means say 90% of marriages yelling. From the other around. Italy 61957. Though number 1973. Careful with our back up with the equipment and share your stories about your partner. In the pet peeves that. What is your biggest pet peeve about your sparse or your sparse. Here's Carter and if your barring maybe your spouse or partner 619570. Number 1973. Producers have couldn't let Brad have one week. A fantasy football in joining without getting on him. I know I confront cements my new pet peeve every new meeting held to a home. It just began this season and he's now on three league sushi malicious. Watcher at a backpack came in now here are bad people Polly's listening to IKEA. He's watching on TV. Six. So I can't have a hobby but I don't think he's sick of full time job. On three kids want to surgeries OS the point sodas pet peeves in records for our show. Eaves in Chula Vista he what is your pet peeve of your significant other. He's far. I everywhere. We are Anke a couple of days Bengal and keep up I don't look clearing he'd just let every at and there with people behind a. Well mine again. We're talking like volume like Loudon. And if you're really tell you got together. Well right now in your relationship was there a time that you can recall when you said hey it's okay honey you can ask as a from I don't care. You know to complain about it and obviously never say either your body you love me as I am may be the. Pretty much an app for the very quiet and would it do anything and then all of a sudden Monday I was like allow. And then from there on it looked over. But if it and it everywhere aren't it would Kenya's diligently looking avoided talk. Our business and valid permit our thank you Emily isn't Carlsbad Emily what's your pet to you by your spouse or partner. Out. At. Our everyday. In morning and yeah at every. Port. I. You. May. And that's exactly. Do you do. There. Almighty god here's a thing he's making it worse on himself I wish you could explain that to him but while what a pain in the butt for you. Yeah I think the man wakes up at 4 in the morning and then leaky heart and sup by sneezing every ten minutes dressing you up more time you're what lecture him when he wants to hear this election. He's up now Emily I'm sorry and are at my age is an L go home like share your story in the pet peeve about your spouse or partner. There are dead pet peeve about my life I am constantly. Having to repeat myself it would not ask their question and say something that you are. I gotta tell you choose proud about it if you are wet while I was already knew that constantly. Every single day drugged. You think she's doing it on purpose. No well. It's not a power as well as an excuse me. You aren't. Here or you. Know certainly human league is still. OJ several. Or might might or messing with yet. All right we have one more to go to as she's celebrating her thirtieth wedding anniversary today is this so. It is. Thirty years ordered daughter isn't big grandchildren and we made it. All right our daughters top of the list of the pet peeve honey there's got to be something. Well honestly I asked him last night on our wedding anniversary even heat them but. Number one thing that broke and that is that a bit close paper on the roll back where it might. Thirty years and never profit. While he waited until. I'm not the same way and don't write your play behind. It's about putting on the wrong way your doings on the rights. Either a right way to put it earlier and I did all very it's definitely an animal at the top. Well that's. And my wallet and a bachelor thing had done it thirty years I'm winning. Yeah I love our congratulations. I have ever celeb thirty years good for you. It felt like Atlanta guy.