One Second Cinema - September 12th, 2017

Tuesday, September 12th


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NCAA and our. Jamie is in Chula Vista good morning Jamie. And normally I say your jobs kind of hard because you go 12 of all do you hear from a movie you have to guess the movie in no one's thirtieth the last couple weeks. It's been too easy right. Up here we go good luck here's your 12 of cinema Jane. You don't telegraph and we got to and again the Brodeur kept and we got to. All right what's your one seconds in the guest Jamie. No not starship troopers thank you very much as a Bobby in TV Bobby here comes your won the second cinema the better teller kept and we got to. And again the Brodeur kept and we got a what is your guests for 12 cinema. It. That it is not fights and it. I guess I love that lets put in Mira mesa mat listen up tier 12. Cinema we going to look at and we got to. And again you're going to look at and we got to. I meant what she won second cinema guest. Captain Phillips who had seen only sink in here in the wars that is not correct. Lone goal to move. Alana alana listen up to your 12. Of cinema. You have to look at and we got that and again you're going to look at and we got to Ocalan on what's your one seconds in the millions. You're. I think it starts back. It's not Star Trek and it's time to start giving clues. It is a classic movie classic very heavily quoted movie a little older but one of the funniest movies ever okay. 61957. Own number 1973. Or we give back in two minutes. We'll get more of your 12 cinema guest song. Saying oh. And it's tough one today. To him in Camp Pendleton oil well. Time and yours you once against in the Duma could go to look at and we got to. And again you're going to look at and we got Tim what is your guess for 12 cinema. Don't who don't discount dental Kelsey Grammer you. I think it is I think and that's not right that's not the right movie gone. Let's go to Mike and how Michael is an app tier 12 cinema could go to look at and we got and again you're going to look at and we got. I'm Mike. It is with the issuance and cinema airplane it is it's to. You don't telecast and we've got to Landis who we can this woman has to be gotten to a hospital a hospital here. It's a big deal of patience because some important right now. I'm not. The press quoted movies of all time. Producers given the ever seen airplane with no all you guys tell me all the time you have to see here in the U holds up it's it's full of those constant little things like that constant constant kind surely it holds up and don't punish her and. Mike gradually okay Obama tell did you see airplane when he came out. I have to admit to many. Right now rate and I would make this well I can make approach or hats or you know not the rounded person and who. Anyway you want a fairly for a pack of tickets to the Kelly rodeo happens Friday. Three Saturday September 22 and third you'll be going to Saturday she'll make. Sound card and you might appreciate your judgment as the summer 101000 tickets and sandy is number one of the new country is island.