Meet a 7-Year-Old Jimmy Buffet Fan

Friday, August 18th


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John we got a special little man on the phone once each out this name is Logan what's going followed him. What's up. Am I untrue or 80 praying and general benefit children and make an extension. But the good question Logan Tammy Nguyen told him good morning Logan well all first of all. Can't Selanne is specifically a new country formats. And so that doesn't quite match Jimmy Buffett who has played on that classic country but he doesn't have anything new for new country right now. This is an acceptable to you Logan you buy and that's. OK are your big Jimmy Buffett fans not know what your favorite song. Peron into her on me and I find different him you don't think so who. Which want to mingle once that you like. My theory about most of the star who got cheated you both billion. Is that cool producing with her reducing Jimmy Buffett liquor. Well we have political gamble back when you say you don't sing you just listen won't and what the music makes you feel good keep you happy warmth awesome. And he started school yet look we are. All very excited to warrant where you're going into first grade. Second grade how do you think you're the only second grader that knows who Jimmy Buffett is. Now I think I'm glad that people are the first thing. I'm men didn't. You have to parrot heads in the first relevant well listen oh what we'll do our best you know maybe a little later on this hour maybe during my tunes and noon with amber she can play Alan Jackson because Jimmy Buffett does a songs with him. Called it's 5 o'clock somewhere though. Yeah actually told me they either actually came out. Couldn't find me or my current. No we don't have any tickets for the Jimmy Buffett concert no I Eddie black and all you block down. And where are you going when is that show. It came down. Hill breaking into it until there aren't. Awesome I'd love that you have Jimmy Buffett Logan had so you. Are candidates be good to mom and dad sweetie okay or can it. So cute.