John's Final Day Cat Sitting

Friday, July 14th


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I have my final day of cat sitting yesterday in your volunteer very tearful goodbye I'll now feline friend did you get super closer to kitty. As closely let me at all he columns and hello and goodbye and that is it he's been avoiding you all week that I tell you relieve any Israeli guy okay. These guys that witness for a couple days I thought lost to get all know how great they're gonna now almost disappeared somehow I don't know. And thank god he did not luckily Jun 10 in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KS ON a little worn in. You may shed a tear is ICI. The creature a lovely com. Kent. Apparently become official the cab so to itemize. Look at. That phone tell. A little lot from him product. Going sandbox and bury my own ways to get up and Connor and drinking water out of glass like a real person. I've learned complete indifference toward a human being. Thank you for that this is the point in the past not neat and it'll work on the Sonoma and that she learned how to not to look at somebody when they're talking to you and how much you wouldn't. Joy in your collection. Anyway I hope that you like hanging out with me much I like hanging out you. Do you favor and please don't tell your view of the masters that I use a washer and dryer. And leave their couch. And had a beer. And possibly a couple of handful peanuts. We got deal. We got a deal to shake but dog shakes. Yeah okay. The ball. Yes. All one BC made it to the thing about him goody Putnam final. The ones and a name. That's so cute in Israel this day and he's real Q I never thought I'd beat this guy it's as I always get on zebra always posting animal video after Obama hard on. And now you're becoming one and I just post another one yeah that was FaceBook page you can see my tearful goodbye idea to cats it to caddie who ignore you until you like saying no real divide than the. And he's like OK I'll. That was kind of weird I'm by the way kudos to pet owners open the door. They get out that I couldn't believe how. Can start my carpal.