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Sunday, June 25th


High Mountain Road Live on KSON's Bluegrass Special

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I'm Wayne writes this is bluegrass special which we do on Sunday nights at 10 o'clock until midnight here on FM 97.3. In 92 point one right after Rick Jackson's country classics. And what's a month at least here in the bluegrass special we try to feature some light blue grass music and then we told the San Diego bluegrass society lives. And that's what we feature. The bids could be appearing at the regular fourth Tuesday of the month of featured band night is put on by the Cindy who bluegrass citing. Over the Boll weevil restaurant on Claremont mesa boulevard and a group that's going to be appearing this month this coming Tuesday night. Is high mountain road we've got to read your studio and they are gathered around the microphone right now and then get ready place altered on the Mike and let him go. Here is high mountain road live on KS OS. The. Gather some great pick and your light and stadium tonight KS Owens bluegrass special I'm Wayne rice and direct or high mountain road they are here in studio tonight live as we present. The San Diego bluegrass society lie welcome back to Kia so any yanks. That beer bath we got Yukon Jack Loman hero and guitar and day he's the he's the leader this. This auspicious group of a character some great they're great musicians and Jack what she introduced the band let everybody know who's here in studio tonight. Or chemical content on Florida free spirits here anyway elect injuries. Mr. BK Nicholson over here on the mandolin. All right and yet John-Michael expect here on the little. So we did have an hour on the base. And friend that's Willer on the banjo. OK we got a five piece bluegrass band they kind of in just to the studio tonight your kid so went. And we did this once a month usually does the us Sunday night before the fourth Tuesday of the month. Feature being Knight put on by the San Diego bluegrass society and that's held over at the Boll weevil restaurant 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard nets were these guys will be. This coming Tuesday night. But it's great to guys who come in and give us a little preview here tonight so thank you thanks thanks for doing this. A lot to play another team and force dark we're gonna have to play a bunch of teams for forest that I so we'll just have some fun some live radio just. Like it used to be done so. And we still do it here once in awhile. And Kia SOA. Elected to another song for this one non frogs I wrote them by the band wants to play and it's a song about the great state of Kentucky. And father bluegrass music mr. Bill Monroe. Old Kentucky okay this is high mountain road and KS ON. And country. No. It's. Summaries. Thanks Barclays and we'll bring. It's. Robinson. Okay. We know. It was okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah on KS Owens blue grass specialist high mountain road there live in studio tonight as we present San Diego bluegrass society alive. Jack that's a great song. Step over here to get close to Michael and so we can talk a little bit. So. You've recorded that actually had a solo project that you did. What is five or six year tenure with the process but yet so yeah that. But tabloids like that song and love that little progression goes to that they have cordoned itself street yeah. So. Got a wrote that song my sister's basement went for tornadoes go buyback in Cincinnati Ohio my home town and a enough better views of wrote this on all of the state. Kentucky and so anyway it's on via accomplished code Yukon Jack acoustic grants yeah so. Well as its it's a great song and of course. It's about the father of bluegrass music bill Munro who have who was from Kentucky and did you say that's where your from. And that there promise just across the river wanna be Kentucky and Cincinnati area in Arlington eco Newport Mason Dixon line right there over. OK we can you get credits that so. Yeah. This is the bluegrass special I'm Wayne writes your host each and every week for two hours bluegrass music on the radio what's in a while we're lucky enough to have. Some live music right here in the studio this is the way. Where it was done years ago you know when groups like the Stanley Brothers and Flatt and Scruggs. And a Bill Monroe himself I would travel around radio stations and up play live on the radio host before they had even the vinyl the old. A vinyl records sometimes. And they they played around the tin cans that. As they as they would say and they actually got some pretty good record exhumed and it was great to have you with us. Here tonight a tell us a little bit about dye mound road how you get started. How long as the band been together now. Oh. A melon player. Tickled her big tale about via think about it how advanced garden where we're at today so yeah. I think it was it's September of 2012. Yet I believe that. Who restarted and the make a long story short former banjo player and moved out here and he and I got together and I'm rejected aggressive affair that summer. And the three of us started and the bass player would join essentially her tracks so you heard a few past practice tracks I admit I admit him at the strawberry. I around the same time and anyway he joined us in the fall. And we started off as a four piece and and then now we picked up a fiddle player in the next summer in 2013. And and we have been together since we have a couple personnel changes. Over the last year. And John-Michael Brooks who have been friend Wentz friends with for about two and half years. Came aboard actually last June. As are fruit roll glad thankful to have him by the way when he's a good. Yeah he's he's great he's the reigning 2017. California State chanting in the in between division for the division while you just want it to march 18 of this year during Berkeley grad index that are. And we're also fortunate that mr. Brent guts Willer. Here. Come in and on banjo and he plays with a couple local San Diego mantle site futures. Hold them down and something that pulled out on the hill yet give those guys and created. But so we're thankful to have him in the course you futurists of the guys. We're. We're just trying to you know keep doing what we're doing in that probably aggressive on fund. Well you're sounding great tonight here in the bluegrass special and I know everybody says enjoying listening to music. George play play another team force here this is high mountain road is was it live in studio this will get a feature brits are a banjo player. He would sail high rise to number that he likes seeing. And yeah yeah yeah talk about keys and stuff with them for its gonna sing this song. And that we think elected. Islanders. Well. Okay. Boom. And heaven and a I'm okay. Lee. It's. I mean. Yeah well. Yeah yeah yeah. Sooner. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. There. Another one of those that crime doesn't pay ties and blue grass murder ballads. Here on kissel when's bluegrass special I'm Wayne rice and that was a high mountain road near here in studio they're gonna stick around a little bit longer. And place a more forests so don't go away we will be right back. Every Sunday from ten to midnight it's the blue. Bluegrass special with Wainwright on KS so that. You go some live bluegrass music here at KS Owens bluegrass special I'm Wayne rice here host each and every week for two hours of bluegrass music. And though what's a month we have some live bluegrass here in studio and so we've got a group of guys. Who are local musicians they are gathered around the Kia so when microphone tonight playing a little blue grass. And a little western swing for your tonight that's great the San Antonio rose. Played by John John-Michael Brooks who is the fiddle player just up over my do you mind. Have a little chat here mr. This is fantastic. Speaker. You've been in I'm mountain road disband its in studio tonight for. Were just two years that would yeah yeah year while Simon terrific and how did you learn play this little. That. Mr. Leo five. Mr. with Costco for votes in time. So you started out playing classical and yeah and now was it like Suzuki method either one of those kind of things is. So a lot of parents will be familiar that trying to get their kids to practice. And but how does that how does a young little or violin player. Become a fiddle player you know there's field Joseph what's the difference between a violin and Bertelsmann. You put judge put strings. On a violin puts trying czar out of there are. Bad joke. But it's but how does that trance. Formation take place. Let me for me looking at this time actually OK it's time. You know where did you grow up and Washington Washington Washington. Yeah fantastic and I think when. Jack Kirby K or one it was introducing you. You're a graduate of Berkeley school music seller her Berkeley California. Repeat college votes were Berklee college in Boston while. A lot of great musicians coming out at school I. Some of my favorite. Favorite bands the lonely heart string and some of those tremendous program there. And look at some local. A John my lender who went to Berkeley school music and they've got to. A great it's kind of a blue grass roots music program there yet. Hundreds. Yeah yeah. Fantastic lawyers sounding great San Antonio rose that's an old. Little team contests and cook you know I don't a lot of fiddle players who play that Linda to win than the national. It's little championship that. And Winfield or something you know it why users and wiser Idaho Weezer Weezer Idaho hit there at a it's great to have you here in studio tonight we got high mountain road. And they are live in studio they're going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night you can meet to John-Michael. And the rest of the guys this Tuesday just come on out it's free everybody's invited. You can. In order something from. Though waiters and waitresses that are that are helping serve all the birders and and bruised and everything else is going on there and you can just sit back and enjoy and listen some bluegrass music that's this coming Tuesday night. At the Boll weevil 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. OK so BK Nicholson is getting positioned right in front of the microphone. Like he's in charge all of us. So. Take it all I would get a dear I'm live in this song OK appreciate the three bullets. That. There. Show me. Many things we do now you know. Yeah. Brother not bad thing they end. I'm planning. To use any yeah. And then. Girls that's where the money to win group now I don't know who. We'll run the defense. When I went yeah. Country Obama naming. And it's in the and then show me the only nine yeah. Now I know. Then man who. Brown. Brother bad they've been doing. Only man and in the country. And I can't pay you ran. Now I know they gonna be mad at all the money and spending now I know. Broke the round and they banned. It has agreed to a little blue grass set a standard Greg therefore ripped. Done by became Nicholson here on the on the mainland and lead the locals. With a high mountain road here live in studio tonight as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives. I'm Wayne rice every Sunday night we do bluegrass music here 2 o'clock until midnight on FM 97.3. And 92 point one. There nice and warm day in San hey good today wooden is an act so that's the not too bad here in the studio to it to them. It is nice summer summer finally showed up and a boy it's been. And warm round sandy you know these guys are playing some pretty hot blue grass to these guys sounded terrific. I gotta say. This is is spent as if somebody wanted to get you to come and play like a game that you know or they need a bluegrass fan and I you know that's. That's not out of the ordinary there are there people out there listening who's you know we need a bluegrass band so. Who'd they call how to begin intends to send lots of money. They called media 725055546. OK do you have like a web cider. Were working on a web sites. Are. FaceBook page OK yeah FaceBook most everybody's. Got access to two FaceBook just want FaceBook will go up high mountain road. Blue grass right is that the way you find it there and you'd be there. Miami Tuesday in my own. The tax collectors question for winning can answer questions shirt and how to make a million dollars going to bluegrass music you know how to do it and know you start to. Start with to really. Get to know you worked you work your way down to watch and so that's. That is true it's it's it's not exactly always the the the easiest way to. To make a living but there are some who were doing pretty ministers who we've got a lot of great great bluegrass artist. Who are out there are doing exceptionally well. Are right now there's a growing market for bluegrass music and a BK and I were talking just a little bit off. Off Mike about make in the trek back to I DNA which is the international bluegrass music association. The trade organization of bluegrass music in every year they hold an event called world bluegrass nets. In Raleigh, North Carolina and the whole city. The last two years they've drawn in excess. Of 130000. People to Raleigh. North Carolina to listen to bluegrass music. Just amazing. And voucher we can do that here in San Diego area between North Carolina you're either born whether. Basketball in your hander a banjo. You know that's kind of the way it is back there are so we got high mound road here in studio on the bluegrass special about playing another team force you guys. Good to me marked song for him I would kind of mix up her rep of torque use knows what I'm saying stuff around with it and let's go below what you guys all right high mountain road on TS ON. The little ones. Coming home any. Thinking about and how long my game. Stay there and no runaway love always and it's okay. And I'm. Things. Can't wait to get back. It's not really. I don't come this. Always pick out of coming home thing. Okay. And I love where you are all the guys. Okay. I'm gonna. I'm always there. Well what. It's time things will be okay. Ghana. Along okay. Always yeah. A type mound road lives in studio tonight at KSO wins bluegrass special personal Jimmy Marten. A compositional what you gas and rubber JD Crowe doing some. Some. Crazy binge licks on now on on the original recording. In of Brett you were doing two and all right there on that being joke so what we're here to the microphone in and and let's find a little bit about. It's Britain guts Rottweiler and yes so tell me have you been playing banjo for a long time business. Am not really I guess they're like fifteen years or so. I cannot. Got through it through classic or our commitment rippled and of course all the way and generic kind of backtracked in the originals it's a kind of came in words. At that by the school of Jerry Garcia. Who always wanted to be a blue grass court finally you know his BI. I was one of his dreams was to get to play with Bill Monroe and and and so instead aegis. Started a rock ran for a one of the most successful bands in the history of of rock music to vote. And he's joined up with the with time on the road just. Maybe a three month old man. So and you've been playing with some other groups around ten in if you want to keep busy so yeah. Our music served. There you go and repeat so were you from originally how did you get started on the banjo. Pennsylvania. And in too many. And appears oblivious and a as serum that strikers in the class of course. Says and then whenever it and but rather terminal anyway. Course that's lands here on stealing that share figure out where I detect a little John Hartford in your play. I wish I had. In the it's tricky but I you know. Mimic. Now while you're selling is getting heavier and San Diego playing bluegrass we need more banjo players around San Diego so we've got to win here. In Brett gets wild with high mountain road they are special guests here tonight. In studio as we present the sand you bluegrass site Eli and they will be appearing this Tuesday night at the Boll weevil restaurant. You guys can do a couple more songs here before you have to get out of here go to that it's not that it's not too far vet pastor bedtime I don't think. But. How about doing another song force we've got these great musicians will keep him as long as we care. Richard they're trying to figure out what what they wanna do right now they're having a little meeting. They're drawing straws. And find out who who gets to do this so. You're richer guys in future fiddle player on a beautiful song. A show and farewell. Well does a great job on this list of never hurts Mon Jun oh OK he's John's gonna play. And nice little tune this could almost be considered violent and all right here we go high mound road on KS ON. It. Lou. And and then. Noon. And. Okay. Okay. There. Blue. Oh. Yeah. The yeah. Okay. This. Yeah. Okay. While what a lovely job. The Daschle can farewell that's a song was a made famous on the a TV series by Ken Burns on the civil war crime and who steered quite a few years ago and that's songs just become a standard. Lovely song of among. Little players and music aficionados you do. Nice job of that island John-Michael thanks a lot. And Jalen it was a and maybe you've had a chance to beat him amazing for the player I'm Wayne rice we've got high mountain road here in studio. And they're going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night at the bull we able. As the San Diego bluegrass society presents its featured band night you're invited to come out there's no admission charge. You can sign up to join the club if you want but you don't have to be a member just come on and enjoy yourself sit back and listen to some of this good. A bluegrass music up close and personal and these are these are good look and a group of guys so you won't be scared off for anything when you come into. And listen to music. I hate takes you guys for coming in I think we've got time for one more song in those duke won here in about three minutes. Let's three minister under. We quickly got to act. All right this is high mountain road here on KS so ends bluegrass special hybrid to a finish up in the song written by Jackson but it made famous by Reno and smiley. From the leads him to call vote please come home. Bond king who carried over. Yeah I. Cool weather I. I don't win. It's cult is always green. And he's running low. This and loves coming the grand. I'm paying. Okay. Better than. It's sweet. Hey John. He's like you me. So every time. Oh. Yeah. Yeah this high mountain road your on K or so when's bluegrass special play and live around you'll K so when microphone fixed so much for coming in you guys. I don't Wayne rice this is the bluegrass special every Sunday night two hours of bluegrass from 10 o'clock until midnight on FM 97.3. In 92 point one. We've got another hour to go so stick around I got music. For neo cutter band Bobby Osborne Dailey and Vincent and much more. That's next on KS away.