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Sunday, April 24th


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We have some live bluegrass music in studio it's the San Diego bluegrass society lives our special guest tonight are gone tomorrow. That's the name of the band they're going to be performing this coming Tuesday night for the feature band night it's always the fourth Tuesday of the month. The San Diego bluegrass society does that at the Boll weevil on Claremont mesa boulevard. And we get a preview we've got banned in studio tonight you're gonna get a chance to hear these guys. I'll play a few around the old Kia soul in microphone. Wherever okay your ego. God tomorrow on KS ON. Yeah. Me. Yeah. And very. Hands. I mean. I am. Okay. Even. CNN. Okay. Okay. The. Yeah there you go on TSA wins blue grass specialist Don tomorrow their lives in studio tonight. We do this what's a month at least we tried to get the band's gonna be. A performing live for the San Diego bluegrass societies featured bad night your studio player around the -- kiss my microphone and we've got a good one for you it's nice not a good so far welcome. Gone tomorrow thank you care you're wearing a gay Richard you're good you're the leader this then writes us. It's. An. We've got Richard Burke kept who is. Playing guitar right now I know he's also an excellent mandolin player you can pull out mandolin tires and all good until I knew it meant Tuesday he'll definitely have a long look at some. Good to cure its time sonics coach Carroll we got god tomorrow and see what did you introduce all the guys in the band so everybody who's listening tonight. Know of knows who's playing what. Shirt I'm back there on the basis from the corner of the studio here it can as soon as to why wouldn't. Hello radio and and will move into bluegrass blue resume save you referred. His tears as. This devious as president on day out through all the glory that goes. I'm still a lose lose the red headed fiddle player from. Tune in to. Mine. He's been playing Taylor says Diego blue grass fields rule here than probably most people lose 00. Pick it's thank you welcome back done and it's that that can probably the best games of play I know. In through the storm of town is Steve being wounded during May or may not. Here into an area we go back. Stay back Steve. That's because Davis is put in time with a number of dance and so he's got to come down your play force more than once. So this is true talent out here on the food. It's a great. These guys are going to be playing this coming Tuesday night you know that's always a lot of fun the San Diego bluegrass society. Puts on events so you can find a most every Tuesday night but the fourth Tuesday of the month. Is their featured band night and no one of our San Diego local brands. Actually act. Puts on a concert of sorts starting at 8 o'clock usually there's an opening act of and it you know pick up billions of command and then play. But tomorrow come early get a good seat enjoy the fun it's this Tuesday night's free everybody's invited. You can contribute to the club. And down and do Cindy go blue grass society you'll continue to bring in. Lots of great to bluegrass bands not only from out of town but featuring some of our local groups like we've got tonight. Gone tomorrow as the name of the group about another song. Yeah. The. I mean. Okay. I mean. On a bone man. And you. Then. And. And and yeah. OK okay. We're not. Yeah we get done tomorrow here in studio tonight. It's great to have have to stand back with us here on KS a wins bluegrass special I'm Wayne rice. Your host did you ever wait for two hours bluegrass music. Dwight warden basically doing the lead vocal so that last a song which sold Flatt and Scruggs standard. You like Flatt and Scruggs that you guys do very many flat spreads tunes we love flat screen tactic and that love Flatt and Scruggs if you have bluegrass. The bag and others have band and I maybe you guys have had a chance to see them. The girls bluster we yeah gets him yeah those those guys are amazing Jerry Douglas put their band together and it's really reflect Scruggs tribute to him. And they've really brought back revived a lot of them are old music. They really have and yeah as Jerry says he wanted to show that to the new generation that wasn't up alive were able are old enough to listen to music when flat Scruggs are doing it so he they recreated as authentic as possible down to the dress and there. Yeah I've. Had a chance to see to a couple of times and I'm just amazed it's so I actually got a chance maybe you guys done a repeat viewers oldest me. But I did get a chance to see flattened Scruggs in person. Years ago. Bed watching the girls Lester. Boy it is like deja Vu all over he's one of those guys are basic. We've got Don tomorrow in studio the San Diego bluegrass society life. Which is what we do well once a month would bring every one of our local bands in the purchase going to be appearing. On Tuesday night of this week. At the bull evil that's in 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. They'll be playing around 8 o'clock really appreciate you guys coming in tonight notes and I've been here all this summer you put this long days of taken and party and an alternative stick at at. It matters little so I'll play another team force your owner KS so I'm. I. Me mean. 03. I. Okay. Okay. My. Aaron okay. I. Knew me. No I. Easy. Yeah you've been listening to gone tomorrow here live in studio tonight it KS ON I'm Wayne rice this is the blue grass special and we'll have more of the San Diego bluegrass ID. Live coming up right after this. Where else can you hear bluegrass music this good it's got to beat the blue grass especially with the way and rice on KS ON. Here bluegrass music this good it's got to be. Blue grass especially when we're playing right Don Kaye has no Landon. Do I totally blew. Techniques. And learn names. Any word dad. Moon and then. Show. The way I don't know me. You now. He knows tell me how. Don't live with a kid. Yeah. Toned blue learning everything you're dad's. Okay. Okay. I mean it's down to me. Okay. Okay. There's. I. Are. Okay. I don't need. Dad KS so when's the grass specialist gun tomorrow there live in studio tonight. I'm Wayne rice each and every week your host for two hours bluegrass music right after Rick Jackson's country classics and tonight we've got to San Diego bluegrass society life. Featuring gun tomorrow so they're going to be performing. This coming Tuesday at the Boll weevil over on Claremont mesa boulevard. And that Steve Danes do in the lead vocal and adolescents Steve step over the Micah toll got that solemn word you were to get that one. I know that I actually heard couple singing that I need to men I knew it was a planned Scruggs number manei. Didn't really fall level until I heard this couple saying I can't remember their names but they just killed it. And I and I still love with the song I just love when political slug and you know I'm not sure I've ever heard flat Scruggs didn't. Do you know the light while I've heard doc Watson do it doc Watson into the hallway and I really let I think we'll tell you never mind. Actually I heard donate doctor wants an album oh okay this time I didn't sign oh yeah even now no now I'll just try to think you know Clinton I've never heard flattened Scruggs do they play number didn't do that they have a right. Title that's all airlines don't know about you all about it yeah and it actually it was on the pizza tapes now enough Dunkin god that's like doc I'm sorry doc Watson and David prison. Three down. Well that's all right it's okay because your banjo player and as a sort of like I'm told OK and the cave man lawyer that's exactly yeah. The banjo things when we do have a kid and lawyer in the room hi we just got. He's not a lawyer Gordon yeah we got gone tomorrow. In studio and I come out here on this coming Tuesday and they'll be in in you know full formula gets it to see as well as securities guys play and they'll be that. And ID 330 Claremont mesa boulevard that's location for Boll weevil. In dad every fourth Tuesday of the month to San Diego who grass society puts on this again it's a lot of fun. I come out come a little bit early get yourself some grub. Something to drink sit back and enjoy the bluegrass music there's no charge no cover charge. Just come on out and have some fun and probably if the weather you know holes like it's it's been real nice the last couple weeks. Probably some good parking lot you can go as well and people outside doing some GM and and that's how all these bands get formed gone tomorrow's been together how long Richard. It's what. Fifteen years. This bit we're pretty misty and now we. Can together with different. Fiddle players this players who hits the name Don tomorrow the band changes. Do you have adultery go you know here today and we're sure it's yeah. You can do sort of what like hot rise has. As adultery go band called red knuckles in the trailer yeah we could have you could have an Alter ego being called the you today who could write the saxophone player from there you go. This is the bluegrass special we feature bluegrass music and there we got a good. Good live band here in studio tonight's having some fun about another team. There have done what you want Kobe will lose. This Monet and the. Some of my. Sleep a windy. Okay. I'm. I miss. Why didn't laugh I see. Yeah. Learned. Yeah. Okay. Great that was that's great old song that they're came from leery sparks and lonesome when she originally in and that scared voice your opinion and I'm. Is that those of glamorizing or you're just. I thanks lane at any time. I know that song we've. You know I've played that one of timer to myself half a minute in a bit under to myself. But I Don Hitchcock's doing lead vocals on that dons the fiddle player and Don we go back a long ways I remember. You moved. You know. I don't remember if you were coming into the studio walk back when we were in college grow right brash almost forty years ago. Is that right. And wow Don you've been. Grew very active in the Bhutanese say around your comment and you haven't changed a bit some looks okay there we don't look at today. I remembered that week. Got a band I was in a warmed up for brush arbor. Now that goes back a ways still I think it was probably in the late seventies lows I was at the early eighties you that was a long time ago yeah. So they're very proud to zoom yeah that was a great band well present are over yeah we when he Pat Quinn. This is. The look a special in on Sunday nights we do have the best in bluegrass music and at 10 o'clock until midnight. It's always a fun night on Sunday guys who got oldies from classic country from 7 o'clock until ten. Bluegrass music from ten to twelve we've been doing it now for for like forty years here on K and so it. And does some of these guys have been around since the early days. In and I didn't come out and enjoyed. You know the city go blue grass societies featured band night this coming Tuesday at the Boll weevil. And that's so what we're doing and eyes giving you a little bit of a preview of what you can hear this coming Tuesday as well smothered musicians will be down there's always a lot of fun. And a great way to spend Tuesday evening in San Diego. Got another won't force. Snapped her. I'm ads did. I'm glad. It's. Should. Saying. To me. Okay. He talent and as soon. And that's amazing man done. Any act and the no doubt. I'm Liz sang. I'm praying that movie. May I used DM. Conrad. Name me. And man. I am playing here. Danger and. Green had match. Now. And kissel ends bluegrass special that is gone tomorrow they're live in studio tonight you never know what's gonna happen on Sunday night on the radio here in town and tonight. How about that we've got some light blue grass music. Right here it's K and so it. I would get Dwight Wharton on the base Don Hitchcock's on the little steamed dame play in the five streamed in June Richard Burt Katz and he's the gone tomorrow in chief but this came together quite a hundred years ago. And they're going to be performing this coming Tuesday night good bowl weevil. Eagle bluegrass society live. What you're past president of the San Diego bluegrass society tell us a little bit about the club in the upcoming events working peoples come out to your gun tomorrow. Well does San Diego bluegrass society we're a nonprofit corporation saw were completely tax deductible and we have no employees no office no phone number. We have no overhead whatsoever so people that wanna support bluegrass that come out and buy raffle tickets or make donations. Essentially 100% goes into our programs we have. Music outreach program that goes to schools we have an instrument donation program instrument lending programs. Lots of great things that we do to support the community and bluegrass and then for people just wanna have fun. Tuesday night is blessed night the first Tuesday is in Escondido at the roundtable pizza second Tuesday is at the flood rockers engrossed by the center. Third Tuesday which is actually moved to Monday now we have a in instructed slow jam with one of the most sought after teachers in the country Janet Beasley who teaches. People how to play bluegrass who wanna learn it but. They're intimidated by playing up to speed so she slows it down that teaches them how to play very out directly. And then the fourth Tuesday every month is our featured band night we've been talking about and this in the summer of course we do this summer grass festival. The third weekend in August and have all kinds of great national brands and then we have periodic touring bands as well. And gone tomorrow you can see us we will be at urban follow us on the fifth sun days of the months and Richard where else are we going to be if you look at. There's going to be a summary of the solution well yeah. We're gonna be a time address automatic yes we'd be honored me. They name for the next at least three months or so we're going to be the second Tuesday there's second Sunday night or every month who via bistro sixty at sixteenth and they'll go. Google learned yeah why do they have good food food gardens this is a great restaurants yeah. Tour and we have a web site gone tomorrow bluegrass and users are free music on there and you can follow us and see where we're playing if you wanna come and here's. We'd be honored. Great end information about summer dresses and some repressed dot net poorer. Satan SD. It's an easy and blue grass outside on board when you just put in San Diego bluegrass and they Google you'll get us first or second to bluegrass society you can read all about well over two. Very well done thank you guys for coming in tonight just got a lot of funds been real fun Wayne thanks for having us and then we'll see you Tuesday night the city of aggressive bully full for the it's DBS. My best. And down about one more team yet the future and this move other digital phone calls. We'll.