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Sunday, June 26th


Chris Cerna & Bluegrass Republic on Wayne Rice's Bluegrass Special

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And what are the things that we love to do here the blue grass specialist feature some live bluegrass music where we bring in a band let them play around McCain has to win microphone. And we did that once a month that's what we call the San Diego blue grass society alive. The San Diego bluegrass society holds its featured band night of the fourth Tuesday of the month. This coming Tuesday is the fourth Tuesday of June and the bandit is going to be featured is here in studio tonight seeking get a little bit of a preview. Of what you're gonna hear when you come out to. To the city who bluegrass societies a free event that happens every fourth Tuesday at the Boll weevil 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. We've got a much to do not appear around you'll keep us away and microphone. So let's up put a lot of areas where Sarah. And bluegrass with public I'm chaos away. Yeah. A. Yeah. Thing not to. Things. And then done and I yeah. News. And yeah. Yeah. I I. It's I. And. Then that is the yeah. Yeah I'm JS Owens bluegrass guzzlers music from Chris -- and bluegrass Republican going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night at the bully able it's 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. Starting around 8 o'clock we got him in studio tonight we do this a once a month we bring in the bandits going to be appearing. For the city to bluegrass society under featured band night and tonight we've got a group from. What if kind of from out of town well they are from out of town and they drove in tonight here to out perform for us. On the blue grass special welcomes you guys great to have here. Thank you so much for having yours. Chris cern Chris you've been here before a couple times and also Celeste it's great that you're here as well in fact that Chris wanted to go ahead and introduce the band. And teller body what are what he's playing. And and and then will Le will place more music. Okay. Well. On the entire we have David B key to third. And on the base we socialists or not. And normally we have really read on banjo. But he's. Fortunately he's an able to join us so I Billy. If I. But this is. I'm sorry Billy couldn't be here he's a fantastic being too player but he will be there at a Tuesday that right no actually because though his work schedule homes that are available for that either. So we will have mark capacity. Who. Is old and an on line is so. A great singer you'll have a banjo picker on on Tuesday night. So it feels great to have you witnessed tells little bit about the about bluegrass Republican did you put us this grouped together. Well it started about a year ago. What. Means to be formed formerly known as most motorists. Listen I was part of those four. Several years no I was on the numbers. And about a year or so ago we had a lot of change serves. It'll in the guitar players. Had to leave because of life in practice things happened and everybody has to do what you gotta do and so let's kennel life and bluegrass band brag. They're not too many that. Stay together the same personnel for a long long time and sometimes think well you know we'll just start a new ban exactly. Absolutely be. We. Continued on and we were able to. Fulfill all the band. Obligations under the tomorrows. We've played under that name for years. And then as well for every. Offers. Us this year it is you know it's time. Do but that little via changes in. New players and we figured it's time forest change. When your name. And so there it is progress republic. It's great to have you with this year in the studio tonight and we'll look forward to hearing hearing the ban on Tuesday night but we're getting a preview here tonight a bluegrass special. Dave Dicky you've been here a few times Gore's well. Atmosphere at the later. In to. Us thanks yeah it is it's it's it's always fun and anyway I I was invited to two bring them into some ago pulling out here. It just fill out a little bit. Where it tonight but they're going to be performing this coming out this coming Tuesday night. And does so what are you gonna do next what what's up here on the what you got on the socialist us. We're in what you wanted to do when we do everybody's who's you know for some concern okay. We elect to go over a whole a wide variety from traditional. To some contemporary. Bluegrass. And so this or favorites I would like to do. Everybody's rooting for some okay. Yeah. It's. When these hands and. I. Yeah. It pains me to. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Screens. I mean is now. It's. It's. You'll. It's means. In this room. Yeah. Yeah. Long live and I am. And. We'll. VG. At all and I am and Motorola. And castle wins bluegrass special we've got Chris cerner and bluegrass republic live in studio tonight playing around the okay a so when microphone. That's a really nice song. Actress Celeste you do great jobs sing in on that one and nice. Vocal harmonies the old blue grass trio. Here tonight in studio Chris is playing Mandalay and Celeste is says got to stand up bass. Although it's one of those electric type stand up bases you know that's kind of the the stick. With the column. Something like that. It. The electorate upright base now and easy to travel. But certainly and and Dave Dick he's and guitar. And Chris you've got to relieved that they mandolin sounds wonderful. Thank you region of this man and a like to say it is actually Sorenson sprite. Two point mandolin. And you guys have never played the Steve Sorensen an ambulance guys from the subject he's amazing builder. Well yes to work it. Where they made to Steve Steve Sorenson. Units and victory at a center clinical report really. Well it's beauty it's a beautiful instrument I'd people can't see it here but if they come up Tuesday night they'll get a chance to. Check it out. And and listen to literally sounds sounds great and Chris you're a talent that you play novel when mandolin richer you're probably. Busiest playing piano riker keyboards and yes actually Miami in the cement is piano I started playing piano when I was five years old. I'm doing. That the jazz trio were currently there are. And they've embryos and also. Yeah I think some things out through the same time don't know what is it that yeah. Well that's true how how did you get started on mandolin and I'm just curious well. It started with the I guess conservatives I've got to be stumped here. It's going to Filipino folk music. Really cameras in the Philippines and and I was. I heard one of these will music Anderson's instrument that you. And equities that's pupils. That existed but that's a good but. President wanted to find out more about that instrument and so. Senator Edward Mandel and and then obviously answers. And in this closet for years. And she gave it to me it was a bull back. And you know with them rose as possible. But so I started that I didn't want to play and it's bleachers music and that hurts a little bit of Irish music in the solutions. That way. Started buying all of these different CD's that I heard and so. And that configuration. Mandolin and fiddle guitar and and it was an need to know more about this music that is so it started so well that thing mandolin 2001. Let's pretty good definition of bluegrass scene when you get the banjo in the mandolin and guitar and little. In the base and you've got yourself a bluegrass better that's kind of it was Bill Monroe put together that original band. Roughly Carter Stanley came along about the same time and they they also put together in a similar instruments and I think they are the reasons that the music is as John Reich is they were raw like the first band to. Take Monroe's music out and add a little different twist to it and thousands of Ben's been doing that ever sense but. But that we lost Ralph Stanley this past week and we're gonna honor him here on the bluegrass special during the second hour rush or show I've got nothing but. Ralph Stanley music it would have been plant so. But right now we got Chris certain and bluegrass republic they're going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night at the Boll weevil. Over conduct their mom mesa boulevard is the San Diego bluegrass societies featured band night in. We're grateful that the spin came all the way in from. From the Orange County Riverside area to go play with us tonight curable progressed national. So. You got to what what's got up next year. And it. There. Do you want to come and join us number surely got rod. I'll have to you know you can take a big risk you know technically the answer and I. But what which what's the song you're gonna do you well we'll see you this that country station that we love country music and really do one. So you reckon is and that's called she use to him. Okay you started I'll grab Benjamin join hands and thinking okay here that are. She is so. Home moving across the dance school. Even then than in games machine. And Iron Man now this. Bay news. Holding hands and then I fleeing this news. Yeah mind this. Tuesday. Now and that is. This. I was in Bangkok. And she's. It's. And enjoy. Okay. You talk not only yeah. Is it being. It's. Being. I mean since Lance strength. Here I mean come on. Hanging team found in demand Hulu Lanzhou. And and then you man standing in the. Then yeah. And the thing yeah. I do. It's. And now. He hasn't. Yeah. Yeah. It's mountain. This division and it's. Well the important thing is that we all in together. And yeah and you have a great saw net. I'm I'm not in doubt that never played excellent for that let's that just about got it figured out we're going to be back with the Woodcrest shirt and blue grass republic more coming up next here on K as the winds blue grass special two hours of great bluegrass music group blue. Blue grass actually with Wang rock climb KS so let. Yeah. OK okay. It's not news and yeah. And you don't. No fun. Okay. Okay. And. Every day you. I'm innocent. Yeah. Yeah. Is that. There you go on KS Owens bluegrass special it's not very often that. That I get to play binge on the show. That's awesome. And it's not easy plane banjo and you know with the headphones and do in the the board out in the DJ thing all zantops. But it's scary to play these guys. Come up this coming Tuesday night. To the Boll weevil. That's in 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard that's where this group Chris cerner and bluegrass republic. Will be playing and they'll have a much better banjo player. But he couldn't come out tonight and so. So I pulled apple would be enjoy out of the closet here and just pick along with these guys are just a lot of fun and it's a wonderful to have you here in studio. And down. Yeah we talked a little bit earlier about Ralph Stanley. But tonight today at 11 o'clock your on the on the show we're going to do tribute to stay in memory of him. But joining do you have any any Ralph Stanley memories you know once first time you were got a chance to see doctor Ralph in person. Number I just remember my dad he told me this story about Glenn. He was gonna and he first started banjo. He had Kingston trio records and some other folk artists and that's two Henman is high school friends. He used to play with them Europe claim that kind of music. Well here is in the grocery story wind any sci record and it said features the five string banjo Ralph Stanley. And he had no idea you know who realized that you his learn and then just so. He ticked that record Armand. Needless to say he had handed out all of his other records and news Kingston trio record the way any Petrova. It's now that he wanted to do the rest of his life so that. Has affected my alive that's what I grew up with actually. Grew up on records myself. Wore out a couple different Stanley Brothers records plus. The something old something new something borrowed something blue. Alum that Ralph but I doubt with the clients them or is with Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs. It was actually revolutionary demeanor that was my first exposure to. Something that just relaying. Kind of rocked my world and I had to learn those mandolin breaks and and single line. And I'll never forget them frequencies that in my dad would take means to the UCR. Campus and Riverside have a place called the barn and I think you know Ralph was there probably every year. About ten of fifteen years so I think we south fifteenth shows me in the hand and knows our program. Some stuff on my. Miss CB collections. Well we lost we lost one of our bluegrass fine here's this week it was a sad day for for all of us but. But Ralf had been in. Bad health the last the last few months this last year bit. Well he was a trooper he was out performing. Right up until last year he was that pins jubilee remembered the most. Saw him. Reform the law. It was that surrounded it. Now I don't know it was. Not money exchange. It was to me was really. And gave me. Goosebumps it and he's in fact I ringtone in the know what they own the Philippines to Hinske in the IS senator. Here's a fabulous bonus and I really thankful that the vessel Rodham the last let's just agree. To remember all times and. Well he was so influential and we've got that for cern and bluegrass republic here in studio tonight Chris cern is playing mandolin. And his wife Celeste. Is here playing bass and Dave Dickey the third. Is playing guitar. Dave Dickey the second you were talking about your dad. Great musicians. I remember seeing. Dave I think the first time with a group colossus highway here in San Diego many many years ago they played down at the heritage and Pacific beach was a little full club. And I couldn't believe it was such a great fan with Pam Grier and Walden dull and Orrin sepia prearranged. What do what an outstanding band that was. But you picked up a lot of those blue grass genes in your honor. I slept through a lot of sickness I couldn't I think you and I was I was look at it and you know address until about fifteen plus let's play some more music or what you wanna you wanna do your I've you know I've got to be enjoying it around my neck yeah. It's getting getting in my leg. And let it. Thanks or eczema you can. And loves the troops are. It's kind of. It's. You know. It's. It's. Mean it's ten. CN. When he hits now. Mean this time. Yeah and guess who wins bluegrass special that is Chris surname and bluegrass republic. Plus minus one plus. A bad one. Obama I think there's going to be a lot of bands that komen NC he deeply. I thought there in the future. Well ultra tell you try and it is can you know reach over here and into the do the controls thing in the studio alive that same time as play in the day it's not then not it's. Well actually it's probably improved my banjo playing as well it's that it is all. That's a politically. Well I am Wayne rice this is the bluegrass special every Sunday night we do bluegrass music here on FM 97.3. In 92 point one. What's a month would bring in the band is going to be appearing for the San Diego bluegrass society at Boll weevil restaurant. 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard it's coming up this Tuesday night. That is the it to when the eighth ranked of June. And the band will be playing about 8 o'clock which you can come early gauge yourself by some to drink something to eat. And just sit back and enjoy a real good evening bluegrass music. It's always a lot of fun here in San Diego the San Diego bluegrass society has been keeping an alive for a long long time. Forty plus years here in San Diego. And every just about every Tuesday united seems like something. Going on with the fourth Tuesday is the featured billion nights ago Chris Sara and bluegrass republic will be there this month. So. Sure sure appreciate you coming in tonight so this is so obviously. And a little later on in the show tonight we're going to be doing a tribute to the late great Ralph Stanley. So what are you gonna do next. Well. It I don't think a 10 bugger up anymore yourself how. I was so brilliantly when Soros and it is indeed flat he would be 50 man. Where did you find that on. And well we wanted it to numbers of week in and one who's an app on beef last. And it's that they've both nicely. Three Angela players and then audience that. Is the third threatening and it in the same position. Tammy figures. With ground. Going one of his most powerful lead singers and just one of my musical heroes. The late great Q completely. Figured we can ever won his songs soup and being in the country radio stations and we just we love country music and bluegrass music and there's a time when there was too much distinction between the two so. We Canada. Wanna do damage to all those things and we're gonna do one of his hits. Q for at least that's. And he was I think he was. Ralph Stanley is lead singer for about six years. Even after he did the stint with Ricky Skaggs from seven when the Sony threes so after release centers and this one's called down closer. This is the key at that point bonuses. In ominous that this. Did that in the. Okay. This is you can you can play a little on if you want and this is Ian. Cern and bluegrass Republican Dave Dick to do in the lead vocals here. We'll move. Well you know and embark on this guitar for my dad I broke my Qatar last week and so. There was real movement will this go into the. And new moon you. This game. John salmon go home. And even now in my. Please do wrong him and home. And guys came to me this time. Name your name means. The original machine and a day. Maybe don't lose you move around. Our guns kill. The man and being mean it don't continue its hand and incentive and seeing. And months and paying an extra day move. Are you concerned. Pain then. Assume means it's time to bring and means and and don't lose to the. Yeah. Maybe bang and boom. You know it is. And here me and now he's he's a little. And I can't move things. Moved scenes. And is being here enough. He didn't know who's who. Now loans gone. The pan am being mean you don't pretend. It's not fantasy thing. Yeah. Yeah yeah. You know. He's the man. It's booming time. Me. No clues to. Yeah. And so meets I mean you love me enough. In their own clothes you. Kiss Owens bluegrass special. We had Chris cern and bluegrass republic here in studio Dave Dickey with a nice and dispersion of thought Keith Whitley song don't close your eyes that was. Trying to catch up with the there on the greens it was just a little bit. Make it's been just sounds I used to be a banjo player now I make banjo sounds definitely and that's what I tell people. This is the blue grass special every Sunday night two hours of bluegrass music once a month we have some life. Music here in studio in the sometimes more than that it's the way radio should be don't you think I mean you never. It's instead of being too predictable you have some live musical that's the way you know the Stanley Brothers used to do it and Bill Monroe Flatt and Scruggs. We're gonna honor Ralph Stanley you're just a few minutes on bluegrass specials to stick around for that hey thanks a lot you guys for coming in tonight this has been fun. We'll see of this this Tuesday night at at the bull we bulletin 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. The Cindy who bluegrass society gathers their once month further featured band night the feature being and his crew cern and bluegrass republic. So I got one more song force. Yeah we're hoping you play with us on this one too we'll give you denied when it is clear that to fit that role little bit for a I know you saw. I know you're an angry gospel group and a in the past but this is kind of man as a prayer and a to Lauren and I mean into song so. Well just finishers that with Florida opens things pins a little late and that's the and it better being good manners and letters and our left and yeah he's accused. The. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. I mean. Yeah there. Yeah. Paying. Yeah. It's. It's. Yeah. Yeah me. Need. Okay. I. And I. Don and. I think. You know. The. Then yeah.