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Sunday, July 24th


Burning Heart Bluegrass live on KSON's Bluegrass Special 7-24-16

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Stick around. Coming up next two hours of gray blue. Bluegrass music though bluegrass special with plane rides on PS silhouette. Living doesn't feel my name is wind rice's. Excellent. Thanks shows available shortly. This one alone. Because we have a greatly Gilbert cuts are on the cool cool where we're tonight at eleven. But stick around because. We got the city address society's live featuring burning heart bluegrass. Meanwhile let's listen to some great new bluegrass who Joshua Williamson. This is another town. I did so. Another. Still remain. Good afternoon alone Internet pared things. Other bands. And let there. And it. And. TS DeLeon. Yeah my kid and now. Okay. Rick who. Yeah okay. And so would you leave room. Okay. Okay. And we'll. Pray. Okay. Paul McFadden. It's good. I'm okay. And gifts Owens bluegrass specialty girls of Leicester in the train with teary my girl from town. And that's from the new album by the girl's Lester Flatt and Scruggs tribute band. I am Wayne rice this is Kim so when's bluegrass special we do this every Sunday night 10 o'clock until midnight. Read after Rick Jackson's country classics to show abbreviated. Brantley Gilbert is in town eased down at the sleep train and the theater and so tonight at 11 o'clock will be doing an encore show. For everybody that's come home from who's the big Brantley Gilbert concert. Meanwhile we are going to do something special here on the blue grass special it's the San Diego bluegrass society line we do this once a month. The group that is appearing for the San Diego bluegrass societies fourth Tuesday featured band night. Comes into the studio. Gathers around you'll Kia so when microphone and performs live the group that's performing this coming week that's this Tuesday night. At the bull we will restaurant is a group from LA called burning hard blue grass ought not all the band could be with us tonight you're live in studio. But got a couple of the guys. A place and cuts off of their new album. So let's begin right now I'm gonna play cut from burning hard blue grass you'll talk to the guys this is Katie Daly and Kia soul. It throws women's game Wimbledon the area. Pearl man was shot this city. Moving into a business. Oh man now. Here is okay good. My brain dead okay. Okay. Good thing. It's gonna send. I'll call it. Ordered through your. Yeah who don't drink that. Every day. I. They don't bullpen looking. Precedent. It's really been. Before okay daily. On down the mountain OK okay. Okay here is OK okay. We wanted to bring down there. Okay. On them. Here's con game. Burning. You go on chaos Owens bluegrass special music from burning heart bluegrass. Southern California banned from up around LA. And a couple of the guys and a banner here and at the studio tonight as we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives we do this once a month. I'm Wayne writes this is KS ON. And welcome you burning herders it's good to have you with a us. Here in in the studio we'll get two mikes turned on there so we've got we've got Jeff black who's our U leader of the ninja. Well it's a democracy. But on the leader. It's a democracy. Are definitely are an event that it collaborative effort to mind saying he had and what the guys in your band who's also will this year tonight. Is no stranger to San Diego and societies all around bluegrass musician who's worked in a lot of bands here in San Diego. We got dancing key wearing greatly here. Now welcome to K as the winds bluegrass special that you guys are going to be playing this coming Tuesday night so. Jeff I know you live in the Los Angeles superior rights and now when you say the Los Angeles area that covers a lot of us lot of ground. So does so well. Downtown her the Orange County it was or Los Angeles and west and a Monica yeah. And this of and you play you've got a band up there. And that tells a little bit about the about the group who's in the band. And because we're gonna come out to see them on Tuesday night so we wanna know just you know who can't afford to pay. Hers in the span when you know again saying he says please. Lot of instruments he plays for us mostly mandolin. Some fiddle sings the tenor parts cheap and convenient. Excuse you and then Angeles necessary. At all with the skinny guy. And we have a bit of financial player it's Keith's shot from the greats and he knows who's in California okay financial player. They guitar. And missing leads usually. And on fiddle. Steve Rosen Steen also from west Los Angeles and from Santa Monica based players Ron stands. Yeah now how did you guys get together is sounds like you're spread out over pretty precarious that is Danny still that you still have done here in Ayers and yeah. So how did you how did you have managed to well we don't know the exact moment of that. And ye shall know the origins of things like yeah. But it was in 2014. At the creek 48 Jan in Bakersfield. Few of us are jamming. We all on the early show reviled jammed in. India over the years and many years. And this to their moment. The right combination of things. Showed up of people. And the stars were aligned. And Sony said. I'll confront ourselves out loud noises and jam. This is a big hand in the making. And that was basically the Keith and Dan and myself and for the friends. And that was the Genesis of the ban goes in 2004 team. Now we'll we'll we'll talk to Dan here in a minute and find out he likes put miles on his car and get his amnesty. It. Let's in the hallway on the second floor. And now we'll let let's go let's play another cut off this new album from burning heart bluegrass. And though it what do you got your forests and Jeff. What is this is it Jimmie mark and classic. It takes one to know one all right here is burning guard bluegrass they'll be at the Boll weevil on Tuesday night. So. This is that give you little preview what shall we shall. Men don't. Then. In the we'll. Let's do now. And everything to remove. He takes Lon. And then and hello and I. It's one. You know line. Well it's a game it's an. As seen through. Okay. And here. In today's salon. You know long. Okay. It's. We're going there. And please stay cool. Down flat and. He's just gone. I understand. And aspect into the moon. Takes. You know London and oh yeah. It's long. You know why. Okay. We're seeing. And then learn. If Bryant. Arsenal blew. Yeah. And oh yeah. Okay. You know I. No I don't see. Years. I'm seeing the. And you're running. And you know beyond them. And I know. You're young. This is KS Owens bluegrass special and tonight we present the San Diego bluegrass society lives. As we have feature burning heart bluegrass they're going to be a performing this coming Tuesday night for the San Diego bluegrass society. Live at the Boll weevil restaurant. And that's it. Debts over on Claremont mesa boulevard yeah and things get started around 7 o'clock. And burning our blue grass is gonna be on at eight ranked. 8 o'clock so we've got Jeff fleck and Dan sinking in studio they are members of this man. And the other guys are they're coming down Tuesday night right. We hope so I think they could buy their way down. Ed they might have to take off work a little bit early if they're that they have day jobs is that traffic is not not always. You know really easy get now to Los Angeles. And in the afternoon and so we've heard. Now who sing lead on that last side it takes one to join us so that you asked me yeah so a lot of you've been two in this you know. Bluegrass music and bluegrass. About fifteen years has sold Madden playing guitar and playing various kinds music since since high school now. So what got you know Sammy years that is what got to started playing bluegrass. Well. As I sons grew up and I tried to green McGill personally from my Guns 'N Roses and other mind music. And I'm involved in them into folk music movement and he. Liked it and a certain point we try to make a and band with a younger brother who was forced to play guitar. And site Jacob and mandolin. And abandon work out but I elected mandolin elected jamming in the social aspect of the music and so forth. So I mean the effort that their manliness I mean interest instrument. I don't play in the and agreements. And that's about it when we go jamming. And that's about fifteen years of going yes and that happened. Jeff's a very fine and now they are. Well you know most thank you Dan. Well you're always first to meet up we we we were I think I was fairly new when mandolin guitar. Keep them and then we morphed into switching to guitar and switching from Clinton and. Though for those who. Don't know all about bluegrass music generally what makes bluegrass unique is the blend of a particular group of acoustic instruments and that's kind of what defines bluegrass is you've got. The Qatar you acoustic guitar. And Jeff you're the cute you guitar right Lady Gaga and that we were stuck in bottled vintage guitars you don't happen to have Arnold 34 Marten. The authentic 41 authentic OK just mostly done exactly like who's then 41 including the horse hide glue OK so you'll have you'll have that when that she Tuesday night to connect glue makes all the difference at this. Yeah so. But it probably doesn't have the tortoise shells picked guards which fueled the old guitars to it. What you won't say communication. And I'm lying in many cases. Yeah and a but you got a guitar the the acoustic guitar at the Mandalay and Bill Monroe was the father bluegrass plead the mandolin. And he considers that really the first instrument along with the fiddle. And and then there's the string bass the acoustic operate base. And then there's five string banjo with a child. Well Bill Monroe. Didn't consider it to be added the primary instrument and bluegrass band. But up for many people it has become really did defining sound of bluegrass music particularly the way Earl Scruggs. Plays that style was just the bluegrass style and then there's also come in some bluegrass fans also there Reza funny Qatar the Dover so. A lot of bluegrass musicians just like to learn how to play all of them you know played all those instruments or at least. Two or three right so you guys do that pro and didn't. You play a lot of lot of various instruments. To have to get you down here. Because I know Dana you've recorded your own solo project where you play just about all the instruments on that I'd like yeah. Who were too we'll do that all right. We've got burning heart bluegrass here in studio at least two of them. Five members. And down all five will be at the bully bullets 9330. Claremont mesa boulevard. This coming Tuesday night starting around. 7 o'clock is when the music begins 8 o'clock is featured band in the future band is burning heart progress I wanna find out. About the name. Not right now we're gonna play another cut but I want you to tell me a little bit about how you came up with the name burning heart. Bluegrass sounds like a bad pizza or something. Who will. We'll find out here but right now we're gonna play another cut off of this album what she which cut we can play number four I think. This is burning hard bluegrass signed chaos so that. Do you mind yeah. It's still well. I don't know. And good. You know you saw. Two of them. We must. Bettors agree old Bill Monroe classic right their sweet Lou I Garland only not done by Bill Monroe bit stunned by burning hard blue grass they will be. Appearing this coming Tuesday night at the bully able restaurant over on Claremont mesa boulevard. Tonight we feature the San Diego bluegrass society alive I'm Wayne rice this is Kia so when's bluegrass special. And we will be back with more from burning blue were burning heart blue grass right after this country music on. The blue grass especially with the way rice. DSL way. It is a Renaissance Center. Caroline. The only event. Experience. Is now. Okay. Only. Zip than me. You know I. And I had. OK. Not to be number. Way. Okay. Then those who have been. We've seen them some and then she would see. My love story. They live there. Being within their away. It's. A good time. A he's. Santana no me. The waiting game. As I'm dependable does. No way yeah. OK okay. And any man. That's me I don't mind. Stimulus in my hand. Here's where we want to. With the pillow below room below in Manitoba. It. Sit down and me. Minute time. Me. Okay. It's. Sitting down to me. Even men and oh man I can't. Re game. Let me. Well I'm. I'm curious Owens bluegrass special we are listening to music from a new album by burning heart blue grass. These guys are going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night. At the Boll weevil restaurant here in San Diego 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard it's worth the San Diego bluegrass society presents. It's featured band of the month. And this month the bands come and down from Los Angeles the group is burning our bluegrass. And all the guys and they couldn't come down to the studio here tonight to give us a preview. But that it got a new album so we're playing that for and we got a couple of the guys here in studio. I DN sinking who's familiar to sandy did was that you play in the mandolin on that class records yeah that was nice nice mandolin. You know break in there. And guitarist Doug Jeff Flock. Who. You were singing lead on that went to ramshackle shed Shannon's yet good song that was to do that was a duke. That was. Oh you're you were saying and harmonies and I was instantly carts or. Nice. I'm Wainwright is this is the bluegrass special on heroes teach every week tonight show abbreviated that means. We're gonna be preempted at 11 o'clock tonight but it's did you know there's an encore. Show. Celebrating the music of Brantley Gilbert. Britney's and it does sleep training at the theater tonight so the station's kind of taken things over 11 o'clock with a non core show meanwhile. We've got the city of bluegrass society live here tonight and Jeff in relation to Bela Fleck. Well. I believe Delis Hungarian and we we're from Ukraine. And Ukrainian flex never talk to us and guy clicks a I don't really know can. Well just just it's just curious here reflect you Bela Fleck is. Probably. The world's greatest danger player wooden and most people would say I mean I'd say you reflect his pride and over the years he's he's had his own band he started out with a new grass revival. Actually didn't start with a band but to kind of rose to prominence with that band. And many put together a jazz group which he called to deflect tough moments Jeff. Why burning hard bluegrass that's kind of the burning question was she tried deflect tunes older flick to an hour. And we tried crazy heart crazy heart until we got that are from Jeff Bridges lawyer. Since I was a theme song of and his movies and at duke he was in and the team and the main song of the movie. So. We can get a letter that we heated got to change it anyway yeah and there's a line in what and when the Stanley Brothers songs that pain that I was them. Sticks in my hand this is heartburn means doing yearning for the best perilous formally government. Some of Manning I'm burning heart. Wow boy you go along way for a band name mean your odds up skewer line and knobs skewers Stanley Brothers huh. That's great well it did say I was wondering if maybe. Some some heartburn was in or we're trying to get sponsorship from Toms now okay. Great sponsorship all right. Yeah burning heart is also has some some religious kind of overtones as well you know the the burning heart well for him possibly. Affect a anyway it's it's a unique guy unique brand name. And great sound and ban have been been enjoying listening to your album tonight for the first time wells into the whole thing here after you guys are gone. But. Time listening and hearing it for the first time myself. And I've never heard burning our blue grass we're gonna get a chance this coming Tuesday night. They will be live at the Boll weevil restaurant every fourth Tuesday of the month that's when the San Diego bluegrass society. As a featured band in sometimes the bands I drive a long way these guys are from. From Walt mostly guys are from the LA area and a day and say key plays with the band is one of our low. Hopefully we're those few occasions where they're coming to mean. A although we've been doing a lot of festivals so what we're traveling you Rory doesn't pan. We do a lot of a lot of jobs now. Fortunately what Jeff does provide benefits to arrange for another job somewhere in time together so from grownup deploy its. We usually have 23. Crane so that's pretty well let's work hard and. We're gonna play some Mora from the new album you guys just just recorded it a few months ago right. And I you've been no sell them at shows you'll have some this coming Tuesday night we sure will all right. Well we're gonna play another cup from a nap what she introduced song and we'll look we'll get it going this song sounds like a country song and bluegrass on. As far as I can tell Flatt and Scruggs with the recorded. And so we're doing sort of a country version of it equity Ricky Skaggs did. But it's our own little take on it it's called crime map higher out overuse. Blared music player who saw them lone bomb. We're OK. Time. Saying. C. World being. I don't fool faster than you guys you know. Are around go read news. Those blue eyes now this time. Someone news. Ever since. The win away. Mo earnings being Hollis and try. I am mine are now over news. He's now. Stairs up to my. It seems Diane you Liz burns okay. I'll miss you know there's no. Little ball and your footsteps soon all. I do not hard now to go over okay. Oh really news. Those blue eyes now there is just some more news. MS and zoom way in no way am. No glorious day it's time for. Are oh really use. Yes I'm proud. Are around 03 news. Those blue last nowadays smile some one news. MS. Land away. Lulu and Hillary is being calls I'm proud and mine are oh very news. Nicely done there by burning heart bluegrass we got a couple of the guys live in studio tonight as we present the Cindy who bluegrass society lives. They are going to be appearing this coming Tuesday night at the bully bull restaurant 9330 Claremont mesa boulevard. Its monthly get together of the San Diego bluegrass society and the featured band is burning heart bluegrass dance Anke. And Jeff flack is here in studio. And that's also a little bit about you'd eat this is a new album right aired today and have you done any other recording before this is this the one and only. We get a live recording. Now when we first started back in 2000 way back in 2014. And yeah we replaying at the Beverly Hills farmer's market once a month. And that too good to skip giving it the used to playing together with microphones and has Reagan audience they don't stay very long. Passing by assumes Imus Imus said. Tension out with permitted there I thought you said the Beverly Hills farmer's market nastiness here at the grass. In Beverly Hills all the way to that that's sounds almost like an oxymoron does that. But I don't like TV program from the through. Please. Knows it was inconvenient for a year and a half there have. Once a month every Sunday OK so tell me did we get alive and we you know lives it is a new video there and if if you go to our web site. Which is by the way burning heart bluegrass dot com. Police who have some videos on there from initially did. The video shoot shot. Passion we did that for their wheels at the Beverly hill now I got asked did you do. The theme from the Beverly Hillbillies and don't know and asked for we would have done it and knowing that its board. Hope it's the only farmers' market where they actually Rolex proof. It's team yes the rim shot on that. Has agreed to hand but this is the comedians have and it's we noticed by now. We'll deal burning our bluegrass band they are from Los Angeles and some of the guys from various parts of LA and dance Anke is a San Diego who's also part of the group to in his. Here in studio tonight. And by the way nice twin totals on that last thanks last year and elderly those with Steve Rosen yeah. Nice job these great color does the the bluegrass scene in LA is that go well you know just what's it like up there I know we have the San Diego bluegrass society and there's something going on down here just about every Tuesday night. This coming Tuesday night is the featured band night it's always special. And you guys are gonna be the featured band. But. What about LA you know as our answered is are places to go to you and your some bluegrass. Absolutely. Yeah the bluegrass association of Southern California. As pretty active organization. Has a bluegrass night at a pace a visa and Keenan Burbank. And in fact. They'll be at their present team Lou Grant show at the Anson Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood. In August later in August with Claire lynch and we wanna deal mean man it's not so much of exacting its August 28. Again you can check burning her bluegrass dot com for that. So they put on a lot of shows there's also the southwest and now association. Puts on camping events and other concerts in them but it's nice people since I as a blue grass going on. Great and you guys noddle you're doing the bluegrass so society. Four Tuesday event this month the two were. You're doing has some progress as well arches that regrets some experience on grass as well yes summer grass is San Diego are. Big blue grass event takes place every year out of the antique gas and steam engine museum. And that the dates for that August. 19 20/20 one I think it is. Check out our blue grass bulletin board at Kia so when dot com and all the information is there or just go to summer grass dot net either way. Hey it's been great. Have you guys in studio tonight thanks for coming at me. And again it's burning heart bluegrass dot com so that's how people can get a hold the view or just come on out this Tuesday night and you'll have a chance to hear them live you can talk to the guys. And maybe you can book him for your next. Wedding or whatever it is the audience you do when you duo and the stuff funerals divorce as there was in fact. Let's play one more song from us. This a great album by burning hard bluegrass. One to introduce a Dan. Tells what we're gonna hear of this is the final cut on the record in and its it's. Always like to say this is. Quintessential blue dress the National Anthem of almost certain things in Selma girls alright. Burning our bluegrass on K and so that. Mac news. They're okay. Oh win on the trail on their own home so. Think OK okay. We're. Jane. I have that was ruled. Am happy that. But there is an. Then okay. It's go there. An old man. Yeah. Around. Girls. But I. 30. OK. Okay. Girls can.