Breakfast with Bryce!

Tuesday, September 12th


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That's how you get to sit down with your kids. Is precious I mean you we we lead busy my eggs and things happen and sometimes during the week maybe you don't get to have breakfast with your kids or maybe. You know it's it's a rush rush thing you know can sit down in and discuss things with them well thank goodness Bruce's death is here I don't know how you manage to produce our show and yet still go home and have breakfast with your son now this week. Up on my breakfast time priced breakfast Bryce and had a good ring to it and now breakfast with Brian. Bracelets for breakfast today. Yeah. But Syria saying. Yeah. Honey Nut Cheerios and the math and his favorite our next pick up off a surprise to pick on in a series of cocoa puffs. Google+ is already got he not the Obama can surprise by your kids can look at Bosnia we don't have candy you know I'm more sugar co. Only. I'm starting now back at breakfast drives and can you soon. What has been the habit of your week. Let's do our yeah. When you eat your name. Yeah yeah the three rules yeah. Well you're the and yeah. It's a little bit of good hair I think Graham cracker and it didn't work Graham crackers. So zoomed by Google and you wouldn't you learn this week. Like how to rate the number two where we yeah. Adding that she is. Do you know your uncle does not like going number Q what it public breath. What did you just say it. Does have another uncle John yeah. Did you just. An iron carried out what it is sick thanks to make a lot of people like me. You know that you don't want you know this. That he announces to the world years ago that. The jeans and eventually right.