Started talking at the age of one and it seems I haven’t stopped, so naturally radio was the right profession. Read More


I'm originally from NY but now I call San Diego my new home. My 4 kids and I moved to the west coast a few years ago and we JUST LOVE it here! Being in radio is my life (besides being a mommy). I've been working in the radio industry since 1999 and couldn't imagine doing anything else! Read More

Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40

Every time he gets in front of the microphone, Bob Kingsley adds to his status as the most listened-to radio voice in country music history. The Host and Executive Producer of Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40, far and away the most successful show of its kind, has been the king of the country... Read More


Hey, it's Charlie! You can hear me weekends (Saturday, 12mid to 6am, Sunday, 12mid to 5am). Read More

Dean Goss

Dean Goss' broadcasting career began in San Diego and has included Los Angeles and San Francisco. He's heard weekends and fill-in on KSON. Read More


I used to eat CHEESESTEAKS but now it's all about FISH TACOS and CARNE ASADA FRIES! Read More


I am destined to be surrounded by women. A wife, 2 daughters, two sisters and of course, Tammy and Producer Steph. If you see me at Ralph’s-wandering the aisles aimlessly, with a glazed look in my eyes…this is probably why. Read More

Kimo Jensen

“KIMO”, (Hawaiian for James). So, with that in mind, alooooooohhhhhhaaaa San Diego! Read More

Mark Stevenson

I’ve been working part time as a weekend warrior at KSON for 28 years. I love to go to the desert and play in the dirt, riding UTV’s and ATV’s and going as fast as humanly possible. I love to eat Mexican food, but then again who doesn’t? Yeah #ImSoSanDiego. I grew up in Denver so I’m a diehard... Read More

Producer Steph

Wisconsin Girl living in a California World and loving life in San Diego. Married to Chef Brad with 2 beautiful babies, Bryce and Stella. They all keep me moving fast with lots of love, laughter, and even some fights, just like every morning with John & Tammy in the Morning! Read More


Married to Kurt..his nickname is McGyver...he can make or fix just about anything. Mom of five, Grandmother to one, but I prefer Tamma to Grandma! Read More