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What does a man or woman leaving the military bring to the work field? An abundance of talent, a variety of skills, a  desire to succeed and vast potential. What are today’s employers looking for? Talent. A wide skill set. A desire to succeed and potential. Making that connection is what “Employment after Deployment” is all about.

John and Tammy in the Morning and Point Loma Nazarene University are partnering to highlight the amazing assets military personnel can bring to the civilian work force.  Meet our "Employment After Deployment" candidates.

Employment After Deployment


Eric Bryan - HIRED!!

United States Navy Veteran

Eric got a job!  Here's what he emailed us:

 "After the airing, I received many, MANY emails and phone calls. Most were not on the direct field I saw myself in, but eventually I was contacted by a listener that responded to me being very direct in what I was looking for in my career. If I was speaking in general terms, he would not have called. 

 He was not able to find a position for me at his office, as much as he might have wanted to, but he did help me rewrite my resume and allow me to talk to others in his sales and marketing departments of his company. He even helped me prepare for phone and in-person interviews out of sheer goodness of helping a veteran. 

I was just picked up with another local company, and I start Monday. I truly believe that had I not gone on the air, I would not be starting in the field that I wanted and would have been forced to settle for something else. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so very grateful and enjoyed the time in the studio with you, John, and Tammy."


Listen to Eric with John & Tammy about working hard towards 2 Masters Degrees while serving our Country:

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Employment After Deployment

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