It's Time To Change My Password Again?

It's been a long running theory that in order to keep your computer from being hacked you needed a password that was cryptic with characters and numbers so no human could possibly ever guess it. That was the problem, Humans aren't the ones trying to guess your password computers are. New theory:...
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Death of the Ipod

When the first one came out in 2001 it had space for 1,000 songs. By 2010 Apple had stopped updating the Shuffle followed by the Nano in 2012. The biggest problem facing the ipod was you had to have access to a computer in order to fill your ipod. And when the Iphone came out in 2007 the ipod's...
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The Robots are taking Over

Biggest Threat to Humanity?

A British scientist has come to the conclusion that robots could threaten humanity soon. Infact as soon as the next few years. Dr. Ben Garrod of Anglia Ruskin University says robots pose a far greater threat to humanity than was depicted in movies like Terminator and they’re "bulldozing" their way...
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San Diego International Auto Show

Start your engines and get ready for the San Diego International Auto Show December 29th to January 2nd at the San Diego Convention Center. KSON will be out on Friday, December 30th, from 2pm-4pm. Come hang out with Kimo, and check out the hottest wheels from the top manufacturers, and find out how...
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FM Radio On Your Smartphone

You may not have known it, but if you have a newer, Android-based smartphone, you have an FM radio inside your phone. The only problem is - most likely, it hasn't been working. Until now. Last week, Samsung became the first manufacturer to activate their FM chip across all U.S. cell carriers. The...
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