Living Better San Diego

San Diego County Office Of Education - iVIE

The San Diego County Office of Education provides a variety of services to the schools here in the county. Their mission is to transform public education and guarantee high levels of student achievement. They've been on the show before and are back again to talk about the iVIE competition, a video...
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American Lung Association

The American Lung Association has been helping to save lives for years by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Their efforts to achieve these goals include, among other things, research and advocacy. On the show today to talk about what they do and to take a look at the symptoms and...
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The San Diego Women's Foundation - Center On Policy Initiatives

The San Diego Women's Foundation is a local organization that awards grants to various nonprofits in San Diego County. The foundation is made up of women from all over the county who are inspired to make a difference in their community. On the show today is The San Diego Women's Foundation Board...
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San Diego SCORE

If you're starting up a new small business, there's a lot of planning that goes into that. Sometimes a lot more than we think. There's an organization in San Diego that will help make your dream a reality and they'll be there for you every step of the way, and beyond. San Diego SCORE offers low-...
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San Diego Rescue Mission - A Look Into Their Programs

The San Diego Rescue Mission has been helping the San Diego homeless population and others down on their luck for decades now. Through their various programs, they help those in need to once again take control of their lives and regain stability. On the show today to talk about some of those...
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