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What's Your Favorite Broke College Food That You Still Eat & Love?

John's daughter is home from college and she noticed her college food...much different than what he had when he was in college. But no matter what it is, broke college food can be really good! What college food do you still love and eat till this day? Listen to what listeners share with John &... Read More


Promises2Kids is creating a brighter future for foster youth in San Diego County. They do this through their various unique programs and services. On the show today is Promises2Kids CEO, Tonya Torosian and Guardian Scholar, Kaelin Koons-Bates. Visit Promises2Kids for more info. LBISD_Promises2Kids Read More

WATCH: Mitchell Tenpenny Shares "Drunk Me" Music Video

Mitchell Tenpenny has unveiled the music video for his debut single, " Drunk Me ." The rising country star's heartbreaking track is featured on his newly released self-titled EP. RELATED: Mitchell Tenpenny Releases Self-Titled EP You'll have to try and escape from those "Drunk Me" feelings while... Read More

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 18th, 2018

1) A viral video led Justin Timberlake to meet his biggest fan, 88-year-old Nammie, at his show in Florida this week. Her grand-daughters bought her tickets to the show and her reaction was so precious that Justin invited her backstage where Nammie asked if his wife would be okay if she gave him a... Read More

Friday Famous Face-Off - May 18th, 2018

Since the Royal Wedding is this weekend, John and Tammy have a list of words that start with a "R" and words that start with a "W". Who will get a listener to guess more? Listen and play along below: Read More