Photo: Samantha Womack, SD Co Office of Education

Teachers Are Heroes - Denise Stephens

Blossom Valley Elementary

December 9, 2016

The Entercom San Diego stations join Azusa Pacific University San Diego Regional Campus and the San Diego County Toyota Dealers in celebrating Denise Stephens - recipient of our 'Teachers Are Heroes' award!

Denise Stephens is a First Grade educator at Blossom Valley Elementary, part of the Cajon Valley Unified School District.

In her letter of nomination, parent Lisa Mawson said,

[Mrs. Stephens] makes every single child that comes through her class feel special.  She makes everyone, even the parents, feel super smart and talented and appreciated.  Mrs. Stephens somehow manages to cover all the subjects, including teaching them how to draw self-portraits and build a race car track.

I have never met a teacher like Denise Stephens.  And any child (or parent/guardian) who has gone through her class or know her would absolutely say the same.

In the photo above, Nick Upton from the Entercom San Diego stations, Andre Argaez representing Azusa Pacific University, San Diego Regional Campus, Kathy Ilacqua from the Entercom San Diego stations, Denise Stephens, recipient of our 'Teachers Are Heroes' award, Lisa Mawson and her daugher (Lisa nominated Mrs. Stephens), Kirk Hoeben, Principal, Blossom Valley Elementary.