Samantha Boyd Blogs

Russell Dickerson Performs Blue Tacoma on TV

Dickerson released a new single called Blue Tacoma after his hit Yours. For all the California girls, these lyrics resonnate! Top down cruisin' through California in the city that has nothing but good weather year round. He sings, "Blue Tacoma, California Rays of gold are shining on ya Wheels... Read More

NCD: Carrie Underwood's Sexy "Champion" Video Before Superbowl

OOO girl, kill em. Carrie Underwood always knows how to bring the heat, and especially right before the superbowl. She premiered her new video just before the kickoff of Super Bowl LII. The video featured a montage of cameos from NFL champs past and present, including Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott,... Read More

Take You Back .. Music Videos About Your Ex

"I'd take you back to when I was the guy that was with you Back to the nights that we'd always end up Back in the back seat kissing in your driveway If I had it my way." The music video is all about seeing your ex, and wanting them back! The black and white shots of the music show flashbacks of him... Read More

"Marry Me"

Wow! Rhett hit us with one of his saddest, darkest songs.. "Marry Me" talks about a man who didn't tell the woman he's known since they were young how he felt. He watches her marry someone else, and the narrator drinks to ease the pain of heartbreak. Thomas Rhett says the song isn't about him and... Read More

Are We Written In the Sand?

Old Dominion's new radio single and music video "Written In the Sand" has so much emotional color in it's lyricism. The lyrics sense questioning between two people when Ramsey sings, "Are we written in the stars baby, or are we written in the sand?" Video of Old Dominion - Written in the Sand The... Read More

New Country Discovery: Trace Adkins

"He's still a soldier His blood runs red, white and blue He put away his gun and boots But he still believes The American Dream 'Til his last breath he'll always be A soldier He's still a soldier." Trace Adkins gives tribute to military heroes in his brand new music video "Still A Soldier." Video... Read More

New Country Discovery: Kane Brown

"This is perfect Come kiss me one more time I couldn't dream this up" Kane Brown's brand new track Heaven is the perfect follow-up track to his latest song What If. Brown has a very R&B type feel to his Country music. The 24-year old has been making waves, and even performed with Brad Paisley... Read More

New Country Discovery: Morgan Wallen

"Tonight, we're gonna raise a whole lot more than Cain 'Cause there's money in the bank and tomorrow's Saturday So if they pass that fifth of Jack this way I turn it up, down, up, down, up, down" Wallen's songs are all about his care-free lifestyle with his wild parties, good weekends, and foggy... Read More

Runaway June's New Video "Wild West"

"And love me like the wild, wild, wild, west Ride me off in the sunset Outlaws makin' a run for it." -Runaway June Runaway June’s music video for their newest single “Wild West” made its world premiere over the weekend on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown! The three-part harmony has their first full-length... Read More

Chris Lane and Tori Kelly Kill It In New Duet

Who wouldn't love a song about taking the girl of your dreams (or the right girl) home to meet your mom?! We all know what "wifey material" is, and in this song it seems like Lane has found the one! This is most definitely not a hook-up song. "You're a drive real slow, down a no lane road To a... Read More