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POLL: Candy Corn - Love It or Hate It?

It's one of the most heated debates every October. No, we're not talking about politics. We're not even talking about the MLB playoffs. We're talking about... candy corn. You know.. the treat that is made from sugar, corn syrup, wax, artificial coloring and binders. Many find it to be a delicious... Read More

These are the Most Popular Types of Halloween Candy in Every State

We're about to spend $2.7 billion on Halloween candy (as a nation), according to experts. And, of course, there will be some candy that we won't give to trick-or-treaters. We'll have to eat some of that candy by ourselves, right? Unless we're talking about candy corn. Who likes that stuff, right?... Read More

POLL: How Old Is Too Old To Trick-or-Treat?

It's officially Halloween season. Parents, your kids are probably already talking about their costumes, right? If they're too young for that then it's likely that YOU'RE talking about their costumes already, right? The holiday is great as your kids are younger, but as they get older, when should... Read More

LOOK INSIDE: This Photo of a Shoe Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Remember back in 2015 when we all became obsessed with the debate over that dress? It was debate if that dress posted to the internet was white and gold or blue and black? Well, now we have a shoe that is taking the internet by storm. _informq.push(['embed'>); A UK woman posted an image of the shoe... Read More

Goodbye Coach Brand, Hello Tapestry?

Ladies, listen up! A brand that may be one of your favorites is about to get a new name. In fact, fellas may want to listen up before they start holiday shopping. The Coach Company of New York , a designer primarily known for luxury bags and other leather goods, will be getting a new name next... Read More

POLL: Is It OK to Dress Your Pet Up For Halloween?

Are you dressing your pet up for Halloween? Is it OK to make your pet look miserable in his Halloween costume just for that photo? Take our poll: Is It OK to Dress Your Pet Up For Halloween? If you voted YES, you’re not alone. The National Retail Federation expects that 16% of us celebrating... Read More

The Cost Of Your Netflix Subscription Is About to Go Up

It’s going to cost a little more each month to "Netflix & Chill." The streaming giant just announced that it will be raising the price of their two most popular streaming plans, and yes, current subscribers WILL be affected by the increase. Here's the breakdown: The two-screen high definition... Read More

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Julia Louis Dreyfus just revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 56-year-old VEEP star tweeted, “One in eight women get breast cancer. Today, I'm the one.” Her short statement also said she has a “glorious group of supportive and caring family and friends.” Just when you... Read More

The Entire 'Will & Grace' Series Is Now Available for Streaming

They’re FINALLY back… a week early! OK, sort of. Will & Grace ’s revival will hit the small screen next Thursday (September 28) on NBC, but you don’t have to wait that long to see Jack, Karen, Will & Grace. The Emmy-winning comedy FINALLY became available on streaming today (September 21)... Read More