Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Bing Crosby Season

The Del Mar Fall season opens on Veterans Day, Friday, November 11th. Don’t miss the spectacular Veterans Day Salute in collaboration with the American Legion. Win a 4-Pack of General Admission tickets to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club!

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Cash Cow

Your shot at winning $1,000 happens four times every weekday! The $80,000 Cash Cow is back on KSON -- listen for the code word weekdays at 7am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm and text it to 72881* to enter.

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Facebook Friend of the Day

Sign up here for a chance to be our Facebook Friend of the Day, Like us on Facebook, and listen for your name weekdays at 11:40am. If we announce your name as the Facebook Friend of the Day -- call us back within 10 minutes at (619) 570-1973 to win a prize! Read More and Find Out How To Win!

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